29 Aug 2022
    Property Managers | 2 min read

    Maximizing Ancillary Revenue with TaskEasy

    Build-to-rent property managers are always looking for ways to make their properties more appealing to residents while also focusing on ways to maximize revenue. When it comes to amenities, they often focus on tangible featur...

    12 Aug 2022
    Homeowners | 4 min read

    6 Flowers to Plant in Late Summer

    While spring may be the most common season to tend to your flower garden, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow something beautiful this fall! August is often the perfect time to start planting because it encourages root growth in...

    19 Jul 2022
    Lawn Care Providers | 2 min read

    Contractor Payout Increase

    At TaskEasy, we’ve been closely following the news and data about rising fuel costs, and one thing is clear: our contractors need higher payouts to keep up with inflation.

    05 Jul 2022
    Lawn Care Providers | 2 min read

    How Gas Prices Impact the Landscaping Industry

    R ising gas prices have made trips to the pump an alarmingly costly exercise for Americans, with the average cost per gallon hitting over $5 for the first time. That’s rough news for drivers, but lawn care service providers a...

    20 Dec 2021
    Property Managers | 2 min read

    3 Reasons to Remove Leaves Every Fall

    Cleaning up leaves on your lawn may seem like an endless battle, especially when they seem to never stop falling during autumn. You could mow or rake the leaves and get the job done. However, this brings about some unforeseen...

    08 Nov 2016
    Homeowners | 3 min read

    Future of the Fields: Natural Grass vs. Artificial Turf

    Football players aren’t the only ones taking a beating during the NFL season, so are the fields they’re playing on depending on the stadium. It’s not secret that football is played on two different surfaces - the first is wel...

    05 Oct 2016
    Homeowners | 5 min read

    The South Lawn's Unique Encounters With First Ladies

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in the race of a lifetime as the go toe to toe in who take up residency in the White House. Although there’s no way to know who will become the next President of the United States, we do k...

    30 Sep 2016
    Property Managers | 3 min read

    What's On Your Fall To-Do List?

    No matter how many properties you have, the transition from fall to winter is a hectic and wet time. While autumn is beautiful, it does create a mess and intensifies the workload on your property. To keep the lawn as healthy ...

    06 May 2016
    Lawn Care Providers | 11 min read

    How to Start a Landscaping Business - Marketing Your Business

    Getting your landscaping business off the ground and running it is a lot of work but once you’ve figured out that portion, what’s next? Why, growing your customer base of course! After all, your business won’t get very far if...

    02 Feb 2016
    Homeowners | 6 min read

    UVEF Hot 100: Top 10 Winners

    The Utah Venture Entrepreneur Forum (UVEF) is a non-profit that has been recognizing Utah entrepreneurs for 25 years. UVEF’s Hot 100 Award is sponsored by EPIC Ventures and recognizes the 100 most talked about companies in Ut...

    13 Jan 2016
    Homeowners | 7 min read

    Lawn Mowing, Baseball, and Other Things We Did Growing Up

     If you are an adult today, you may be full of fond memories of an internet-free childhood. It might be hard for kids today to understand but there was a time when people got by just fine without social media, email, and othe...

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