01 Jul 2019
Homeowners | 3 min read

6 Easy Tips on How to Conserve Water Outside Your Home

Doing your part to conserve water is important to the overall well-being of your community and it helps protect the earth. You may already be taking steps inside of your home to conserve water such as taking shorter showers, ...

20 Feb 2019
Homeowners | 5 min read

Organic Fertilizers vs. Chemical Fertilizers

Fertilizing is an essential part of a thick and healthy green lawn. Our lawns are like us when it comes to needing nutrients to thrive and combat illness. So, maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that a healthy lawn is importa...

20 Apr 2018
Homeowners | 5 min read

8 Easy Yard Care Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Increasing your home’s curb appeal is one of the most important parts to selling your home, it’s your potential buyer's first impression – but did you know that most buyers won’t step foot out of their vehicle if the yard isn...

20 Jan 2017
Homeowners | 6 min read

Which School Has The Most Grass? SEC Edition

If I were to claim that my school had more mowable square footage of grass than your school, would you want to toss on your old letter jacket and have a rumble in the parking lot?  Probably not.  But taking pride in your favo...

08 Nov 2016
Homeowners | 3 min read

Future of the Fields: Natural Grass vs. Artificial Turf

Football players aren’t the only ones taking a beating during the NFL season, so are the fields they’re playing on depending on the stadium. It’s not secret that football is played on two different surfaces - the first is wel...

05 Oct 2016
Homeowners | 5 min read

The South Lawn's Unique Encounters With First Ladies

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in the race of a lifetime as the go toe to toe in who take up residency in the White House. Although there’s no way to know who will become the next President of the United States, we do k...

02 Feb 2016
Homeowners | 6 min read

UVEF Hot 100: Top 10 Winners

The Utah Venture Entrepreneur Forum (UVEF) is a non-profit that has been recognizing Utah entrepreneurs for 25 years. UVEF’s Hot 100 Award is sponsored by EPIC Ventures and recognizes the 100 most talked about companies in Ut...

13 Jan 2016
Homeowners | 6 min read

Lawn Mowing, Baseball, and Other Things We Did Growing Up

 If you are an adult today, you may be full of fond memories of an internet-free childhood. It might be hard for kids today to understand but there was a time when people got by just fine without social media, email, and othe...

05 Jan 2016
Homeowners | 4 min read

Why On-Demand Lawn Mowing Makes Moving Easy

If you’re currently in the process of moving or you’re planning on moving in the near future, you may need some help with lawn care. Moving can be a huge ordeal and worrying about lawn mowing and other yard maintenance on top...

10 Nov 2015
Homeowners | 9 min read

Silicon Slopes: 5 Startups Creatively Giving Back to The Community

It’s no secret that Utah has rapidly grown in popularity within the startup community, we even have the numbers to prove it. According to medium.com’s analysis from “state census data, NVCA and PwC,” Utah placed third behind ...

30 Sep 2015
Homeowners | 5 min read

How Are Lawns Viewed Around the World

It’s no secret that we love our lawns in America. Having that beautiful, green expanse of grass has become somewhat of a status symbol and putting effort into maintaining your lawn is an admirable trait that shows you care. O...

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