Our Leadership Team

Our History

TaskEasy's genesis was in solving a problem. Ken Davis was a property owner with a modest portfolio, dealing with the hassle of managing lawn care and snow removal in multiple cities. He was sinking countless hours into finding and vetting landscaping contractors and then auditing the work to verify performance. Ken also discovered that pricing was often not fair to either him or the contractor, who felt they were "working two jobs" or "charging for travel and performing services for free." The entire landscaping services industry was plagued with inefficiencies, which caused unnecessary tension between customers and contractors.

As an entrepreneur with several successful ventures under his belt, Ken was in the perfect position to solve the problem. He began developing a method to make buying exterior maintenance services for customers — and fulfilling services for contractors — as easy as buying products online. His proprietary, patent-pending solution established fair market pricing for yard care and snow removal in 403 statistical metropolitan areas throughout the United States, bypassing the sunk time on bidding and establishing contracts. The system lets customers buy vetted, insured, and guaranteed yard maintenance services, like lawn mowing, instantly. Contractors are freed up to spend more time performing billable work, and less on back-office functions like scheduling, bidding, marketing, billing, and collecting.

TaskEasy is the company Ken created around this innovative solution, and it launched to consumers in April 2013. Total investments of more than $45 million have resulted in a state-of-the-art platform, which includes a website, financial system, supporting apps, and strong network security. The result is a powerful ecosystem that automates and audits exterior property maintenance services, manages exceptions, and provides reporting and accountability to clients.

Since launching, TaskEasy has mowed lawns and serviced yards in over 12,000 cities and across all 50 U.S. states. TaskEasy works together with landscaping businesses in each area, supporting local industry with over 1.5 million yard care tasks performed to date. TaskEasy’s network of screened and insured lawn maintenance vendors is the nation’s largest.

Our Guarantee

TaskEasy makes ordering and scheduling yard maintenance simple and convenient, and we guarantee that all service work is done to our customer's satisfaction.

Once a service has been completed, customers have 2 days to approve or reject the work, at which point it auto-approves and the contractor is paid. In the rare event a job was not performed to a customer's satisfaction, we give the contractor 2 days to respond to the feedback and fix the issue. If the customer is still not satisfied, at the customer's request we will either dispatch a new contractor to redo the job correctly or refund the service fee in full.

TaskEasy has the nation's largest network of licensed and insured local landscape contractors, and constantly tracks the customer feedback on each contractor in our system. Contractors that do not maintain a high standard are removed from our system.