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TaskEasy takes the hassle out of managing lawn care services for owners and property managers of single-family rental properties.

Affordable Lawn Mowing for Rentals

We Mow Lawns Everywhere

We make it easy for property managers and owners to order and manage yard and lawn care services on a national scale. We take on all the heavy lifting of managing landscape vendors, scheduling yard care and lawn mowing services, and quality control to give you peace of mind that your properties are well maintained and rent-ready.

Lawn Care without the Hassle

Gone are the days of finding, screening, and managing multiple lawn care vendors to maintain your properties — TaskEasy does all of that for you. TaskEasy is the simple solution to maintaining and managing lawn care services for your single-family rental properties.



Complete Vendor

Pics or It Didn't Happen

TaskEasy reviews photo documentation to ensure high-quality standards are met for every service. TaskEasy’s in-house quality control experts review before-and-after photos of each landscaping service to ensure your single-family rental properties are always well maintained.

Lawn Care Services for Single-family Rental Homes

TaskEasy’s proprietary software digitally measures each property, identifies the location and considers local market rates to provide property managers and owners with fair market pricing on yard care services for your single-family rental properties.

Stay in Control

TaskEasy’s software allows property managers and owners to easily manage and update their entire portfolio preferences in seconds. With TaskEasy you can order lawn care services, manage invoices, view service history and request custom bids – all in one place.

Single Point of Contact

TaskEasy takes the stress out of managing multiple landscape vendors and gives you one single point of contact for all your properties. No more tracking down vendors and spending time and valuable resources on having to actively manage them.

Nationwide Lawn Care

TaskEasy performs yard and lawn care services in more than 12,000 cities across all 50 U.S. states. TaskEasy’s independent contractor network consists of more than 15,000 business entities representing tens of thousands of workers.