Maximizing Ancillary Revenue with TaskEasy

    Written by TaskEasy
    on August 29, 2022

    Build-to-rent property managers are always looking for ways to make their properties more appealing to residents while also focusing on ways to maximize revenue. When it comes to amenities, they often focus on tangible features such as EV charging spots and smart home technology, but there are several less obvious opportunities to add value.

    A well-maintained outside space can also boost the resident experience by increasing curb appeal. TaskEasy provides a convenient and reliable way to offer this to renters. We provide consistent, reliable service from experienced and insured contractors.


    But it’s not just residents who benefit from TaskEasy. When managers bring TaskEasy into your BTR service offerings, they save time, reduce costs, limit responsibilities, and increase curb appeal for their properties. Best of all, by adding this as a maintenance fee to rent charges, managers can boost ancillary revenue in a way that’s truly mutually beneficial for everyone.


    While some may be reluctant to outsource, working with TaskEasy means fewer administration costs and increased peace of mind from knowing that we take care of the entire process of finding and vetting contractors in a market across multiple markets to dealing with billing and invoices.


    “You could hire your own landscaper and bill residents,” says Chris Griego, Chief Operating Officer at TaskEasy. “But having an outside party that takes responsibility off your plate eliminates a lot of hassle.” TaskEasy handles all communication between customers and our vetted, insured contractors, allowing property managers to focus on other tasks.

    Learn more about how TaskEasy can benefit property managers and residents alike. Email your account manager or set up some time with our Director of Sales, Brendan Davis to see if TaskEasy is right for you.

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