3 Reasons to Remove Leaves Every Fall

    Written by TaskEasy
    on December 20, 2021

    Cleaning up leaves on your lawn may seem like an endless battle, especially when they seem to never stop falling during autumn. You could mow or rake the leaves and get the job done. However, this brings about some unforeseen challenges. Experts recommend leaf removal above all other forms of leaf maintenance.

    Why You Should Clean Up Leaves Instead of Mowing or Raking Them into Piles

    When you remove leaves from your lawn grass can grow better in the spring, the chance of accidents is reduced, you can save your equipment from costly damage, and you save yourself time from having to repeat the work. Leaf piles might be fun to jump into, but removing them after the adventure will save you in the long run. 

    Enhance Grass Growth and Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents

    During your fall clean-up, opt for leaf removal to promote healthy grass growth, even through the winter. If leaves are all over the yard or piled in heaps, they will inhibit direct sunlight from reaching the grass, ultimately damaging it. Also, leaves scattered on your lawn pose a severe risk of slips and falls, especially if the grass is wet.


    Is Mowing Leaves Worth Damaging your Equipment?

    Leaves can easily clog up the mower, resulting in costly damage to mowers.  Sticks and stones tend to hide under leaves which get stuck and destroy mowers.  

    Don’t Let Those Leaves Come Back

    While raking is time-consuming, leaving them in piles could make you repeat this tedious job continuously since the wind will spread them all over your yard. When you collect and dispose of them, you can be sure they will not return.  

    Get Professional Leaf Clean Up Today from TaskEasy

    Cleaning up leaves on your property doesn’t have to bother you or take up your precious time anymore because we at TaskEasy will get the job done for you.

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