Contractor Payout Increase

    Written by TaskEasy
    on July 19, 2022

    At TaskEasy, we’ve been closely following the news and data about rising fuel costs, and one thing is clear: our contractors need higher payouts to keep up with inflation.


    That’s why we implemented a small price hike to our clients and consumers in order to properly compensate hard-working contractors who are facing these increased costs. We made similar efforts back in March and last fall, but inflation has continued to rise and we are once again increasing payouts to you.


    You’ll see an approximately 4% higher per-property payout to offset gas prices and add to your profits as well. But that’s not all TaskEasy is doing to maximize your cash flow.


    You also benefit financially from TaskEasy’s proprietary routing technology, which we are constantly improving and iterating to create effective, efficient routes that allow you to perform more jobs and boost your earning potential. Additionally, our newly-launched FastPay payment option allows you to get paid in just 1-3 business days from job approval for a small fee, instead of the standard 3-week wait. 


    With all this and more new initiatives in the coming months designed to help your business grow, this may be the most exciting time to be a TaskEasy contractor yet.

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