How Gas Prices Impact the Landscaping Industry

    Written by TaskEasy
    on July 05, 2022


    ising gas prices have made trips to the pump an alarmingly costly exercise for Americans, with the average cost per gallon hitting over $5 for the first time. That’s rough news for drivers, but lawn care service providers are hit especially hard.


    “It's definitely a game-changer and dictates how you operate your business,” says Allen Caldwell, owner of Allen’s Lawn Service in Lexington, Kentucky. “It makes you look at your business plan and tweak things to survive out here.”


    The last thing companies want to do is pass these increased fuel costs to their customers, but keeping up with rising costs is definitely a challenge. We have a few suggestions and practices that can make things easier and cut costs without cutting corners.


    Offer virtual estimates

    Many lawn care professionals offer free estimates, but traveling to and from sites can add up. At TaskEasy, customers simply enter their address and TaskEasy’s proprietary software digitally measures properties and considers local market rates to provide fair, consistent pricing. It saves time and gas, allowing you to complete the work faster.

    Cut transport costs by doing more jobs per day

    Create an effective route and maximize your daily output by taking on more daily jobs. Our routes are optimized to ensure fuel efficiency and minimize travel between jobs.

    Communicate with customers

    It’s inevitable that these increased fuel prices will trickle down to higher rates for customers, but most will understand. Be transparent with clients and break down costs to show why this is necessary. TaskEasy has communicated with customers to explain the need for price increases to pay contractors more to help cover the higher costs they are facing.


    TaskEasy has immediate landscaping jobs available, at fair and competitive prices for both contractors and clients. Download the TaskEasy app for the most convenient and reliable lawn care experience available.

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