Fall Lawn Care Tips

    Written by TaskEasy
    on October 24, 2022

    Most people think of spring as the peak season to take care of their lawns, but for a lawn to thrive during the spring, you’ll need to keep it healthy during the fall. Get started with prep for next year by following these fall lawn care tips.


    Step 1: Remove leaves.

    Leaf accumulation is one of the biggest challenges lawns face in the fall. Leaves and debris will kill grass over the winter, and they won’t go away on their own, making it difficult to mow your lawn in the spring. Plus, your curb appeal will take a hit, and you run the risk of slips and falls. The solution? Order a fall clean-up from TaskEasy. You’ll get everything you’ve come to expect from TaskEasy’s other services:

    • a fair, customized, instant quote based on the size and location of your property
    • before and after photos
    • vendor management
    • a single point of contact


    New customers can order by calling 855-827-5330. Existing customers can order from the app, calling 855-827-5330, or through the dashboard.


    Step 2: Continue mowing.


    The temperature may be getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean that grass stops growing. Letting it grow too long makes it vulnerable to fungi, but you don’t want to cut it too short either. That messes with the roots and makes your lawn less likely to withstand cold, dry winters. Aim for a length of about 2.5 to 3 inches.



    Step 3: Continue watering.


    The third fall lawn care tip is to keep watering your lawn, even if it seems counterintuitive. It’s tempting to think that autumn rain will take care of moisturizing your lawn, and it’s correct that it’s less susceptible to evaporation this time of year. Your lawn should be getting about an inch of water each week. If rainfall doesn’t cover that, you should run your sprinklers until the end of October.



    Step 4: Order aeration services from TaskEasy.


    Aeration is a necessary process when the soil gets compacted through foot traffic and other impacts. Grass doesn’t have room to grow, and nutrients can’t reach the roots. To fix this, hire a professional using TaskEasy to put holes in the ground to allow water and oxygen to make their way into the roots. For best results, water your lawn the day before or have the aeration done the day after rainfall.



    Step 5: Apply fertilizer.


    You want your grass to be healthy throughout the winter and ready for spring. A nitrogen-rich, slow release fertilizer will get the job done and is the perfect step to follow aeration, helping grass produce chlorophyll and adding a source of potassium to the grass, which helps with root growth, disease protection, and cold resistance.



    Step 6: Get seedy.


    Our next fall lawn care tip is designed to take care of patches of little growth. You’ll want to spread grass seed over your lawn, with extra coverage in bare areas. This protects against weeds and also prepares your lawn for the spring by making it more resilient through the winter. Remember to do this before it gets too cold, and that the seeds must be fully present in the soil and stay moist in order to work effectively.

    By following these fall lawn care tips, you can help your lawn be ready to survive a tough winter and thrive in a rejuvenating spring. And remember, whether you’re taking care of one property or hundreds, TaskEasy offers a variety of automated services designed to allow you to use your time for what really matters to you. Get a free quote today.


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