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No bidding, haggling, or waiting for calls. TaskEasy will do the busy work and schedule a local contractor for you.
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Enter your address and get an instant quote. We use technology to determine a fair set price based on market demands.
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Weekly and biweekly plans available. No contracts, no signup fees. Cancel anytime.
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TaskEasy works with a growing network of screened, rated, and insured contractors nationwide.
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TaskEasy uses technology to simplify the process of ordering lawn care services in your area. We mow lawns in over 4,800 cities nationwide, helping customers focus on what’s important while supporting a network of local lawn care companies and contractors.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly lawn care service plans to meet your needs

Ordering lawn mowing services made simple. TaskEasy is a revolutionary lawn mowing service company that provides affordable lawn mowing service at the click of a button.

  • Recurring plans to cover you all season long
  • Weekly and Bi-Weekly plans to meet your needs
  • Simple ordering process
  • Quality service from an insured local expert
  • Competitive rates based on fair market pricing
  • Full satisfaction guarantee with every job

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