Katie Casaday

Katie is a content writer at TaskEasy where she specializes in real estate industry topics. She graduated from Utah State University with her BA in Global Communication. She enjoys spending time on Twitter to keep up with current events and the latest memes. And when she’s not browsing social media she can be found taking in nature, hiking with her Border Collie Margo.
    20 May 2020
    Property Managers | 7 min read

    5 Best Property Management Software

    A key to a landlord’s success is choosing the right tools that can help streamline property management. The difference between good, user-friendly software and the software that lacks vital features is the difference between ...

    15 May 2020
    Property Managers | 11 min read

    25 Must-Have Photos for Rental Home Listings

    As your tenants move out and you start looking for new ones to take their spot, you should consider how to prepare the perfect rental home listing. The right photos will have a significant effect on how quickly your rental ho...

    11 May 2020
    Property Managers | 6 min read

    Preventive vs. Reactive Maintenance for your Rental Properties

    As a property manager, one of your primary responsibilities is maintaining upkeep and maintenance for your properties. You’ll have to determine whether you will take a preventive or reactive approach to care for the property....

    06 May 2020
    Property Managers | 3 min read

    5 Easy Ways to Increase Property Value

    On average, the cost of rent increases every year. That’s good news for property managers if you have renters that are willing to pay. The key is to make your tenants feel like they’re living somewhere worth the money. Here a...

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