Zhanna Pasiaka

Zhanna is a passionate communications professional with a degree in public relations and brand management from Brigham Young University. Zhanna’s expertise lies in strategic digital communications and brand storytelling, and her constant pursuit for ways to simplify and improve life and dedication to conscious brand building has led her to become a creative out-of-the-box strategist and writer for the TaskEasy’s marketing team. When she finds free time, Zhanna enjoys science fiction, preferably on the beach, and freshly squeezed fruit juice, pretty much anywhere.
    23 Apr 2020
    Homeowners | 4 min read

    5 Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn

    When maintaining your lawn, it's important to focus on your particular goals. Do you want a particular type of grass to thrive, or are you just trying to build up the turf? Have the weeds taken over your space? Once you deter...

    17 Apr 2020
    Homeowners | 5 min read

    Pets and Lawn Chemicals: Facts Every Pet Owner Should Know

    As the warmer months of spring and summer approach, one of the main delights pet owners have is finally being able to enjoy the yard with their pets. Plus, you can use this time to do some fun gardening as well. But before yo...

    09 Apr 2020
    Property Managers | 4 min read

    Everything You Need to Know about Build-to-Rent

    Traditionally, real estate investors followed one of the two paths to profitability. The first path is investing in multifamily housing with hundreds of units, while the other one is focusing on single-family homes and turnin...

    03 Apr 2020
    Property Managers | 4 min read

    Top 7 Single-Family Rental Conferences of 2020

    With the situation in the world changing quickly, many people wonder if their planned events and trips are still going to happen. To help you navigate these uncharted waters, we compiled a list of the most popular single-fami...

    24 Mar 2020
    Property Managers | 4 min read

    Popular Single-family Rental Myths Debunked

    According to the 2015 American Housing Survey, there are nearly 43.9 million occupied rental units in the U.S., 23 million out of which are single-family rentals. The single-family rental (SFR) industry comprises 53% of all r...

    05 Mar 2020
    Lawn Care Providers | 4 min read

    John Russell - Contractor Testimonial

    Owning a lawn care business has many perks - the landscaping industry has been on a climb for a number of years now, with many landscapers and lawn maintenance contractors steadily increasing their profits year after year. In...

    05 Mar 2020
    Lawn Care Providers | 3 min read

    Carlos Campos - Contractor Testimonial

    Carlos Campos started his landscaping business, Campos Landscaping, eight years ago in an ambition to move from being a contracted worker to a business owner.

    06 May 2016
    Lawn Care Providers | 13 min read

    How to Start a Landscaping Business - Running Your Business

    You’ve picked out a name for your business, you’ve dealt with legal paperwork, and you’ve even brought on enough customers to keep you busy full-time. So what happens next? Once your business is established, you’ll need to ta...

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