TaskEasy Takes the Hassle Out of Bidding for Lawn Care Jobs

Written by Zhanna Pasiaka
on March 05, 2020

Owning a lawn care business has many perks - the landscaping industry has been on a climb for a number of years now, with many landscapers and lawn maintenance contractors steadily increasing their profits year after year. In 2015, when John Russell started his own lawn care business, Mr. John Lawn Technician, he did it with a strong desire to work for no one but himself, manage his own time, and save enough money for a comfortable retirement.

The early days of his lawn care business were tough; acquiring  and managing new customers, paying for landscaping leads, quoting and bidding potential customers, and hoping that out of the dozen bids, he would get at least a few offers for a job.

“It cost me so much money to bid on the yards, but there was still no guarantee that I will get the job. And if I didn’t get the yard, then I just wasted money,” Russell shares. He wasn’t happy with the bidding process, and when TaskEasy found him, Russell was ready to try something new and more efficient.

TaskEasy introduced to Mr. John Lawn Technician a whole new level of the lawn care business - receiving and accepting landscaping jobs with a few button clicks, verifying yard care work with smartphone pictures, getting paid promptly without having to deal with customers himself, and never having to worry about wasting money on the bids.

In 2016, when Russell started doing business with TaskEasy, the majority of Russell’s landscaping clients were coming from an extensive and exhausting process of placing multiple bids with no guarantee. As the partnership between Mr. John Lawn Technician and TaskEasy developed and strengthened, John Russell started to move away from the costly and wasteful lawn care bids.

“I got a lot of help from TaskEasy. Before I had to find all my clients by myself, but now the majority of them were coming from TaskEasy, making it much easier to run the business,” Russell says.

By 2017, Russell’s client base went through a complete turnaround, and more than 70 percent of all Mr. John Lawn Technician business that year came from TaskEasy.

Not having to worry about finding clients, Russell was able to concentrate on quality of his yard care work and save money for business improvement. After just one season with TaskEasy, Mr. John Lawn Technician upgraded to professional high-power lawn mower and tree trimming equipment. At TaskEasy, Russell has a reputation of a reliable business owner and professional landscaper who always delivers supreme results and does not shy away from the most verdurous and neglected yards. Mr. John Lawn Technician takes pride in its high-quality work  and is known to leave even the most overgrown lawns pristine - some homeowners would pass their houses not recognizing their homes behind a well-manicured and immaculate front yards.

Now, thanks to TaskEasy, Russell has landscaping clients five days a week, leaving him free time on the weekends to spend with his five-year-old daughter. This winter, he took advantage of the slow time of the year and used that time to restructure and reorganize his lawn care business.

“I updated my billing system, organizational structure and logistics. I got a new filing cabinet, and came up with the ways to improve efficiency, so once the season starts, Mr. John Lawn Technician will be ready to dominate the lawn care industry in my area,” Russell says. With the help of TaskEasy, he is hoping to considerably grow his business yet again this season and find a couple of apprentices that he can train. Russell is very particular about the quality of his work, and he wants to teach his trainees to care for lawns the way he does, so that his work keeps the same signature of quality and dedication.

Whether you are an established landscaping contractor or a newly founded lawn care company owner, TaskEasy can help you acquire more clients, grow your business and significantly simplify billing and managing. With one point of contact, all our contractors are guaranteed to save time and money. Sign up for TaskEasy today and see how we can help grow your landscaping business. 

Check out another success story of one of the TaskEasy landscapers.

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