TaskEasy Helps Small Landscaping Business Find Customers

Written by Zhanna Pasiaka
on March 05, 2020

Carlos Campos started his landscaping business, Campos Landscaping, eight years ago in an ambition to move from being a contracted worker to a business owner.

“I worked for another landscaping company when I decided to start something on my own. I started by going door to door and asking people if they need their lawns mowed. The funds were very limited and finding new customers was hard,” Campos shares.

Knocking on the doors, asking for yard care jobs and referrals, his book of business slowly grew to 20-25 landscaping jobs per week. For a while, Campos worked with just one lawn mower and one leaf blower, and expansion and business improvement were out of question, as Campos Landscaping struggled to establish itself as a well-rooted landscaping business with regular and increasing customer base. When TaskEasy found him in 2013, Campos was happy for the opportunity to get new landscaping clients without the hassle of looking for them himself. As the time went by, Campos Landscaping became an invaluable partner for TaskEasy and got more and more clients.

“I love the way TaskEasy helps business owners manage their landscaping businesses. Managing your own company can be hard, but TaskEasy helps with logistics, billing and scheduling, and that significantly simplifies running a lawn care company,” Campos says.

Campos remembers the breaking point with TaskEasy that helped his business soar: “TaskEasy would give me clients as they came, but once I got a call from them, and they were offering me 60 commercial lawn mowing jobs a week. Their only concern was if I could handle it.”

Carlos wasn’t intimidated by the challenge; and even though he still had limited resources and help, he took on the offer. That same week, he hired two additional landscaping contractors to help him with the workload.

“Ever since that call, my business has been steadily growing,” Carlos admits. With the help of TaskEasy, he was able to leave all his side work and concentrate on being a company owner and building a successful lawn care business.

“I love my partnership with TaskEasy,” Carlos says. “The company takes care of the communication and all the ancillary aspects of the lawn care business, and I take care of the lawn care itself.”

In five years, Campos Landscaping expanded from operating with just one residential lawn mower and leaf blower to six high-performance and commercial lawn mowers, six leaf blowers, two trucks and a small crew that works for Carlos and helps with the workload. Carlos Landscaping is a very goal-oriented and motivated company, and the lawn care pros would take on any job, always striving for the best results possible. Campos Landscaping now has a set budget every year that is allocated to improving the business and expanding the landscaping equipment. His business goal this year is to acquire a dump truck and a heavy-duty trailer, so that Campos Landscaping can offer more services and attract more customers.

Campos loves landscaping, the industry itself, and his lawn care business is what allows him and his family to move forward in life. His family has been looking into buying a house, and with a steadily growing business, Campos hopes his dream will come true soon.

“TaskEasy played a big part in improving the quality of my life,” Campos says. “My daughters now live a better life, and that’s possible because of my partnership with TaskEasy.”

If you are thinking of starting your own lawn care business or want to expand your book of business, TaskEasy can help. We work with the independent landscaping contractors and lawn care business owners all over the country and help them achieve success - whatever they envision success to be. Contact us today to start your lawn care career with TaskEasy!

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