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Christmas Lights

Christmas lights… they are the silver lining of those cold winter months when you’re forced to bundle up. The magic that these simple little lights hung on homes and trees brings a neighborhood is incredible.

You’d have to be the ultimate Grinch not to enjoy Christmas lights. And though today Christmas lights are an important part of our holiday traditions they weren’t always. No it was only through the invention of the electric light bulb that Christmas lights became possible and then after that it took quite a bit of innovation and improvement before the average person started to make them part of their Christmas traditions.

Yes it’s a true fact that only through the help of Thomas Edison and some of his associates did Christmas lights become a “thing”.

Just for kicks we put together a little infographic with more facts about Christmas lights. We hope you enjoy!

Facts About Christmas Lights

If you liked the infographic feel free to download it here to share it with your friends! After all the Christmas season is about sharing with those you love.