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Fall Lawn Care & Organization

I know, I know, summer is almost over and you’re getting ready to settle in to your long winter nap. Your love for tending the garden and yard has waned with the falling temperatures and now you’re ready for a rest. But to help you enjoy your winter and remove any worry, we’ve created the Ultimate Fall Organization Guide!

This guide will make your home beautiful, your lawn healthy, and it will put your life in order… so without further ado, here is the Ultimate Fall Organization Guide by TaskEasy.

#1 Pick Up Those Leaves

It seems so obvious but it’s often overlooked! Cleaning up all those fallen leaves is essential to preventing diseases and lawn suffocation. And while you’re cleaning up the lawn go ahead and clean out your gutters. Cleaning out your rain gutters will stop icicles from forming and prevent home damage from hard winters.

#2 Your Lawn is Hungry

What you say? You need to feed your lawn? YES! Your lawn has been hard at work all summer long and it’s in need of refueling. Show your lawn a little love and give it the gift of some good fertilization! Fertilizer will strengthen the roots of your grass as well as reduce weed growth, and as the saying goes, “A little fertilization will go a long way!”.... Okay nobody says that, but it’s still true.

#3 Your Lawn is Thirsty

Just because the summer is winding down doesn’t mean you can stop watering your lawn. Now that the days are shorter though you don’t have to water it as much, but still it should not be neglected. So how often should you water? It all depends on your climate but on average during the fall months 1 inch a week will do it.

#4 It’s Time to Aerate

Now that you’ve fed and watered your lawn it’s time to help it breath. Your lawn has spent the summer months being played on, picnicked on, and enjoyed in a million different ways. This is of course perfectly fine, but all of that activity has compressed your lawn down tight and Fall is the time to open it up. Aerating will loosen the soil, let the earth breath and make your lawn happy… and everyone wants a happy lawn!

#5 Win the War on Weeds

I know you’ve been doing this all year and just last week you swore you’d never kneel down to pull another weed as long as you lived… but come on, we all know that was a lie. During the Fall you have the upper hand on all those nasty weeds, they’re mostly dead or dormant and ready to be pulled up. Giving your lawn a real good once over to make sure there aren’t any weeds hiding out will save you hours of weeding next year.

#6 Reseeding… it’s Like Rogaine for Your Lawn

Reseeding your lawn is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your lawn looking beautiful year after year. When the air is cool, the soil is warm, and the “season of the weeds” is over, you should be out there reseeding. Usually what this means is that the early Fall is the best time to reseed your lawn, but if you’re running a little late that’s okay, just get it done before the ground gets cold!

#7 Let’s Get Mulching

Grab all those leaves, the leftovers from your garden, throw in some grass clipping and create yourself some home made super soil! Mulch is amazingly nutritious and both you (and your garden) will be grateful when spring comes that you took time out to prepare a batch.

#8 Plant! Plant! Plant!

You know that beautiful spring morning where you wake up and you see those flowers, you planted the year before, breaking through the last remnants of winter to greet you? Well that’s not going to happen if you don’t plant those flowers. It’s not really as hard as you think. Grab those spring bulbs (daffodils and tulips are our favorites) and make your future spring a beautiful thing!

#9 Take Care of Your Tools and They’ll Take Care of You

No one likes to take out their lawn tools in the spring and realize that nothing is ready to be used! So before it’s too late pull out your tools to make sure everything is sharpened, oiled, and cleaned up so that when spring arrives you’re ready to go.

#10 Get Ahead of the Holidays

You may think it’s a little crazy to start decorating for the winter holidays in the fall but have you ever tried stringing lights on your house with everything covered in ice and snow and the thermometer reading -0 degrees? EXACTLY! The Fall season is the perfect time to pull out the Christmas lights and make your very own winter wonderland. When you’re sitting in the comfort of your home sipping hot chocolate and listening to Christmas carols instead of being 10 feet up on a ladder trying to get your twinkle lights in place…. well you’ll thank us.

#11 Relax You’re Ready for Winter!

Yes! You’ve finished the list and now you’re prepared for winter, part of spring, and most of the winter holidays. LIFE IS GOOD! Go ahead, sit back and relax, you earned it.