How to Clean Rental Properties for New Residents in Half the Time

    Written by TaskEasy, Inc.
    on November 21, 2023

    Picture this: a resident has just moved into their new home, a lovely rental property from a renowned SFR or BTR company. They pull into the driveway and excitedly grab the keys to the house. Upon entering, they see dusty windowsills and debris all over the floor. The kitchen countertops are grimy and the bathrooms look like a crime scene.

    It’s probably not the welcome they envisioned. And it could have long-lasting consequences for landlords: more than half (51%) of residents who are satisfied with a property when they move in will renew their lease. For those who aren’t, that number drops to less than a third (32%).

    Fortunately, TaskEasy offers move-out clean services that ensure residents will never have to experience this - and we’re able to handle rental property cleaning in half the time it usually takes - five days vs. over two weeks on average - so you can have rental-ready properties and happy residents from day one. Follow these move-out cleaning tips and learn how to sanitize rental properties so you can give new residents a warm welcome.

    Take Out the Trash

    Making sure a property is clean before a resident moves in seems like a no-brainer - but there are enough horror stories out there that prove that’s not the case. Departing residents leaving behind a mess presents a frustrating challenge to property owners. Adding to the difficulty is the lack of comprehensive cleaning guidelines. Property owners are required to keep properties “habitable,” which Cornell Law School defines as “a residence that is fit for human occupation and is free of serious defects.” What that entails exactly, however, varies by state. 

    Heating, hot water, plumbing, and basic safety measures are considered essential, but beyond that, there is no standardized definition of cleanliness in a rental property. Rather than see this as an obstacle, however, property managers should use it as an opportunity to present new residents with a home free of dirt and debris that will make a positive impression on move-in day. 

    It’s much like the clause in Van Halen’s tour rider that requested a bowl of M&Ms sans brown ones. What seemed like a silly and obtuse demand was actually a quick way for the band to determine how thoroughly promoters read the contract. Think of trash and dirt as your brown M&Ms. You’ll need to deep-clean properties before residents will want to take the stage.

    Beautify the Bathroom

    Nobody wants to come out of the shower feeling dirtier than when they entered. With 42% of residents cleaning their bathrooms once a month or less, it’s absolutely essential to make sure that this muckiest area of the home receives the most rigorous cleaning. Your secret weapon here? Vinegar.

    While vinegar’s greatest use will always be in salad dressing, it also packs a powerful punch against bathroom grime. Vinegar is an excellent solution for addressing clogs and sink or shower scum. Baking soda is another essential component of a bathroom clean to scrub away mildew.

    Keep the Kitchen in Order

    Cleaning the kitchen for new residents is less intimidating than it seems at first glance. Most aspects are relatively effortless - did you know that heating a bowl of water in the oven at 450 degrees for 20 minutes will loosen dirt and grease so that you can easily wipe it away? Martha Stewart offers additional tips on how to clean the most common kitchen appliances.

    Lovely Living Rooms and Better Bedrooms

    The difficulty level in cleaning the living room and bedrooms can vary wildly - are they carpeted? Are the walls excessively scuffed? Fortunately, there are solutions to all these problems and more. Residents should provide their own bedding, but you can still make the rooms as inviting as possible by mopping walls, vacuuming floors and surfaces (don’t forget the ceiling fans, which accumulate heavy dust), using a cloth to wipe away dirt on window sills, and polishing windows with a glass cleaner.

    Why It’s Important to Prepare Homes for New Residents

    You’ve worked hard to build your brand in the renter space - and earning residents’ goodwill is the best and most cost-effective way to continue expanding and growing. That’s an ongoing process, but getting off on the right foot with a clean and appealing home will go a long way.

    Plus, you’ll want to limit vacancy time as much as possible to earn more income and reduce the workload for property managers. Following these house cleaning tips ensures you will have a well-maintained property that will get off the market much faster than one that clearly needs work.

    TaskEasy can handle the hassle of managing vendors from sourcing to completion. In addition to offering move-out cleans, our convenient and comprehensive turns service offerings include everything you need to efficiently make your properties rental-ready quickly.

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