Brandi Marcene

Brandi is a professional and experienced content writer. She loves creating SEO optimized content and you will usually find her researching different topics on the internet, and if not, she must busy with playing with her pets.
    31 May 2021
    | 7 min read

    Is Build-to-Rent the Future of Renting?

    The number of new construction homes built specifically to be rental properties, also called build-to-rent, is climbing with about 49,000 single-family rental builds starting last year alone. Compared with just 14,000 single-...

    05 May 2021
    Property Managers | 8 min read

    15 Booming Build-to-Rent Markets

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that more investors are approaching BTR (build-to-rent) markets with diverse portfolios and investment opportunities. In a fast-paced and competitive rental real estate market, investors need t...

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