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Sub-tasks (Scope of Work)

Returning to a property to fix a minor oversight can have a greater affect on your business than you might think – gas, time, earning potential. All these things can add up quickly. Not to mention how returning to a property to correct any missed work can leave a bad impression for your customer. To ensure the job’s done right the first time we created Sub-tasks.

Sub-tasks make it easy to view and understand which services are needed for every job…think of it as a to-do list or checklist for when you arrive on a property. The sub-task feature enables contractors to get their work done more efficiently by eliminating the hassle of having to call our call-center staff to confirm the scope of work for a particular job.

To get started, open the TaskEasy app for Contractors.

Step 1: Tap on the property address from the schedule view

Step 2: Review the task in the task details menu. In between where you add before and after photos is the sub-tasks menu. Before you begin any work on the property make sure you clearly understand the exceptions

Step 3: Tap the “Question Mark (?)” icon to get a more in-depth view of what’s needed for each sub-task.

Step 4: Complete the sub-task.

Once you have taken your before photos and each sub-task has physically been completed, swipe right or tap on button/switch to the left of the sub-task

Step 5: Proceed by adding the required after photos, then tap “Finish”.

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