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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

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Sunday, Jun. 4th, 2017

Best Dog Parks in Tampa

Is your dog tired of the same daily walking routine? Mix it up with a change in scenery at one of our favorite dog parks in Tampa. Take your tail-wagging companion for a new experience each week that you both can enjoy.


Queenie’s Dog Park

dog parks in tampa

Average rating – 4.6 stars
Why we love it – Dogs get the short end of the leash after a rainstorm (pun intended). It’s hard to take them out because of all the mud. That’s why we love Queenie’s. They have artificial turf that your pup will love and it still makes a great view!


West Park Dog Park

dog parks in tampa

Average rating – 4.5 stars
Why we love it – This is a little known dog park in Tampa that everyone who knows about it loves. It has separate dog areas depending on the size of your pooch and shaded areas with picnic tables where you can enjoy lunch. West Park also provides your pup with water and water containers in case they’re thirsty.


Rowlett Dog Park

Average rating – 4.5 stars
Why we love it – Rowlett Dog Park is in a beautiful location and comes complete with picnic tables, trails, pavilions, and restrooms nearby. There’s plenty of shade, water fountains, and bowls for your pup to drink out of. Best of all, it has an obstacle course section to wear your pup out.


Davis Island Dog Beach

Average rating – 4.3 stars
Why we love it – Davis Island Dog Beach is a hidden gem out in the open. It’s incredibly open so you can keep an eye on your dog and you won’t have to worry about it running away thanks to the fencing around the beach area. This park is complete with a hose down station near the exit so you can rinse off your pup before getting back in the car.


Picnic Island Beach Dog Park

Average rating – 4.3 stars
Why we love it – This is the perfect beach to take your dog to so it can play and you can relax. Let them splash in the ocean while you take in the view of the city. They provide clean drinking water for both dogs and their owners and a doggie shower for the pup once it’s ready to rinse off.

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