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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

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Friday, Jun. 2nd, 2017

The Best Dog Parks in Chicago

Saying that Chicago has cold winters is an understatement. That’s why when the sun is out, you and your dog need to take advantage of it. To help you and your dog really enjoy the warm weather, we compiled a list of our favorite dog parks in Chicago. We hope you like them as much as us. Now get playing!


Jackson Bark

Average rating – 4.8 stars
Why we love it – Your dog deserves a place to run around wildly and Jackson Bark is that place. Aside from the incredible name, it has up and down ramps, a tire pyramid, and toys to play with if you forgot your own! It’s a great place to train your dog or just watch it play.


Fred Anderson Park

Average rating – 4.7 stars
Why we love it – This park was called the “Taj Ma Paw of Chicago Dog Parks” by one reviewer and we completely agree. It’s well-maintained and keeps big dogs and little dogs separate so owners can relax better. It’s the perfect place to let any dog run around the fountains until they can’t take anymore.


Montrose Dog Beach

Average rating – 4.6 stars
Why we love it – Dogs love making friends and Montrose Dog Beach helps with that a ton. This beach is perfect for dogs to run amuck and wear out. Everyone works together at keeping the beach clean so their pups can have a great time.


Logan Square Dog Park

Average rating – 4.6 stars
Why we love it – Logan Square Dog Park has a beautiful mural that makes the park pop. There’s tennis balls all over the park in case you forgot your own and it’s separated for little dogs and big dogs. Take a book and relax while your dog wears itself out.


Grant Bark Park

Average rating – 4.6 stars
Why we love it – This dog park is definitely a hidden gem in Chicago. They provide toys, tennis balls, and poop baggies for when nature calls. There’s running water and kiddie pools to keep your pup cool and shaded seating for the owners. Best of all – it’s open all year round.

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