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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

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Wednesday, May. 31st, 2017

Dog Parks in Houston You Need to Visit

Your dog has been cooped up all winter and chances are you joined them in those lazy days. Well, guess what? The weather is bright and warm and there are dog parks in Houston just waiting for adventure. To help you plan your next few months, we’ve found the best ones for you to take your pup to.


Bill Archer Bark Park

Average rating – 4.6 stars
Why we love it – This cutely named bark park is spacious with two separate areas for both small and large dogs. It is complete with ponds for the pup to play in, walking trails so you can both get some exercise, and washing stations in case they get a little dirty.


Gene Green Dog Park

Average rating – 4.6 stars
Why we love it – Gene Green Dog Park is a great place to go running with your dog or just have a relaxing day at the park. There are water fountains and hoses to keep your pup cool and a basketball court for the kids to keep busy at.

Upper Horsepen Creek Park

Average rating – 4.6 stars
Why we love it – Dog parks with water are almost a must now-a-day and Upper Horsepen Creek Park takes it to the next level. They have a small lake for the pups to play in along with a rinse station to wash them down after. Complete with dog bags and convenient trash bins, this well-maintained park is the perfect place to spend a weekend afternoon.


Millie Bush Dog Park

Average rating – 4.5 stars
Why we love it – Sit in the shade while your dog runs amuck at Millie Bush Dog Park. There are two large ponds for your pups to splash and fetch in and shaded areas by each pond. If you have a small dog, there’s a section just for them to romp around too!


Levy Park

Average rating – 4.5 stars
Why we love it – This isn’t just a park for dogs, it’s a park for everyone. Along with a new playground, mini golf course, and cafe, there’s also two different dog runs. If you’re a runner, this is a great park for you and your dog. Kids and dogs alike say this is one heck of a park.

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