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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

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Thursday, May. 25th, 2017

Best Dog Parks in Atlanta

The weather is finally perfect for dogs and their owners to get outside for some much needed relaxation and play time. While going to the same park every day still gives you exercise, switching it up once in awhile can be fun. So, where are some good dog parks in Atlanta that let dogs be dogs? Check out our favorites below!

South Bend Dog Park

Average rating – 4.8 stars
Why we love it – It’s a huge park that is perfect for all sizes to run up and down. They even have an area for smaller dogs or less social dogs. This park even has pools during the warmer season for dogs to play in. Complete with fountain and picnic tables.


Piedmont Dog Park

Average rating – 4.6 stars
Why we love it – Piedmont is a great park and very well maintained. It has sections for large dogs and small dogs. Doggie bags are provided and so are water spouts throughout the park. The rock formations are perfect for dogs to play on and wear themselves out.


Adair Dog Park

Average rating – 4.5 stars
Why we love it – This park is shaded and large, perfect for the active pup. There’s plenty of tables and benches for the owners to relax.


Freedom Barkway

Average rating – 4.5 stars
Why we love it – Aside from the name being the best dog park name ever, we love Freedom Barkway because it’s large and there’s always upgrades happening! There are big and small dog sections that will still leave the pups tired by the end of the day and water to refresh them.


Oakhurst Dog Park

Average rating – 4.3 stars
Why we love it –  Oakhurst Dog Park is big and beautiful. It’s constantly being maintained by volunteers who also put homemade art throughout the trails. There’s swimming pools to fill up for your pups, and picnic tables for you to rest at. Complete with extra toys and doggie bags, this is a great place for your pup.



Average rating – 4.3 stars
Why we love it – Now ParkGrounds may not be a dog park so much as a coffee shop where dogs are welcome. However, they do love having pups there. They give dogs their own entrance to a fenced backyard to run and play and they provide water bowls and poop bags. You can eat breakfast outside on the patio and watch your dog play or you can stay inside and let them go wild.

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