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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

Putting Your Property on the Market...

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Thursday, Jan. 21st, 2016

Announcing the Winners of The TaskEasy Scholarship For Future Entrepreneurs: Friends & Family

Last September, we introduced the inaugural TaskEasy Scholarship for Future Entrepreneurs. We set out to give five $1000 scholarships to students who are passionate about business. Three of the scholarships were reserved for “Friends & Family of the Lawn Care Industry.” We’re passionate about helping young entrepreneurs reach their dreams of building their own businesses within the lawn care industry because we know how important it is to help small business owners reach their business goals. Read about our other winners here.

We reached out to our own TaskEasy contractors to spread the word and were excited to see how many students are enthusiastic about pursuing their dreams and have already started their own businesses in the lawn care industry. We received many impressive entries and choosing three winners was no easy task but after much deliberation, we found our winners.

We interviewed the winners via video to learn more about their individual journeys within the lawn care industry in order to provide insight and advice to other driven leaders who are looking to make their way into the industry. If you are interested in landscaping or are simply looking for a motivation boost, check out the winner videos and excerpts from their essays below!

Daniel Jones
Nolensville, TN, The University of Tennessee at Martin

IMG_0143Daniel is working towards a business management and marketing degree at the University of Tennessee at Martin so he can learn valuable skills to enhance his own business: Daniel Jones Landscaping. He started mowing lawns at a very young age before deciding to start his own business. He started out by passing out flyers and eventually was able to team up with a rental property manager to maintain over 15 yards. He gets to do what he loves for a living and recognizes the value in getting a college education to supplement his lawn care business.



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Check out Daniel’s business Facebook page!

An excerpt from his winning essay:

“I began mowing and landscaping full time for many people and quickly had more work than I could handle alone. I started hiring employees and had several crews working with me. Work was going great but most importantly, I was doing what I loved. The process of bidding on landscaping jobs, managing over thirty yards and several crews, as well as understanding the importance of having integrity while working, helped me to realize the importance of a college education.”

We asked Daniel a few questions, check out the video below (Please turn captions on to see interview questions):

We respect Daniel’s choice to continue getting a college education, despite already seeing success in the lawn care industry. We’re more than happy to help him out on his journey of finishing college and growing his business even more.


Richard Moczygemba
Aledo, TX, Stephen F Austin State University

RichardMRichard is already part of the TaskEasy contractor network with his business Rick’s Lawn Care and is one of our highest rated contractors at that! He can remember always being a very business oriented and driven individual. Although he already has a successful lawn care business, Richard is working towards finishing his degree at Stephen F Austin State University so that he can invest more time into his lawn care venture and use his business management degree to continue the expansion of his business.



An excerpt from his winning essay:

“My relationship with TaskEasy, through being a contractor, is one of the most valuable relationships I have when it comes to my lawn business. This unique partnership has opened a lot of doors for my personal success and has given me the stability that is sometimes questionable when being an entrepreneur. There are a lot of risks that an entrepreneur takes on to make a business grow and I feel as though TaskEasy has helped me reduce the risk of my lawn care venture and allowed me to expand into areas not previous considered.”

We asked Richard a few questions, check out the video below (Please turn captions on to see interview questions):

We’re happy to have Richard on the TaskEasy team and we’re rooting for him as he finishes his degree in Business Management. We know that the technical know-how and the business knowledge will help him continue to thrive in the lawn care industry.


Sheldon Williams
Tallahassee, FL, Florida State University

Sheldon-Williams-photoSheldon’s father (one of our own TaskEasy contractors) taught him the ins and outs of starting a business from a young age. Sheldon realized early on that the most important thing in life is not the obstacles, but rather, how you choose to deal with overcoming obstacles. When he began college at Florida State University, he wasn’t entirely sure what direction he wanted to head. He knew that he wanted to be involved in his community and recognized a need for the recruitment of minority students, as well as the need for those students to feel safe. He joined the Black Student Union and eventually won the Black Student Union pageant. This triggered a passion for entrepreneurship and he has been campaigning for minority students ever since.


An excerpt from his winning essay:

“At this school I gained my passion for entrepreneurship because I felt that there was a need. A need to reach out to minority students and be able to tell them, “You can do it” no matter what background you come from you can be successful and achieve your goals. So that is exactly what I want to do with my entrepreneurship is set up an organization where I, as well as others, can be role models for young minority kids to tell them that they can succeed and continue to give them the positive reinforcement that every kid needs in order to be successful. This organization would be called STRIVE, a place where we strive to make the community better by being able to give the younger generation role models that are able to lead them in the direction to greatness.”

We asked Sheldon a few questions, check out the video below (Please turn captions on to see interview questions):

We were impressed with Sheldon’s drive and the personal growth he developed from getting involved in a cause he believes in. He is proof that with an entrepreneurial spirit, anyone can make a difference in their community for the better.

The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the view of TaskEasy.