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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

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Thursday, Jul. 16th, 2015

Summer Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

At TaskEasy we’re all about being as efficient as possible in all aspects life, not just when it comes to mowing your lawn. We take pride in saving you money, which is why we’re bringing our favorite tips for saving energy at home in the summer to you. Read on and learn how to decrease your energy bill because who doesn’t want that?


Use Your Stove Less

Stovetop_Pot_SmallIf you can avoid using the stove or oven while cooking and use the microwave instead, then by all means do it. Opting to use a microwave instead of a stove while cooking can save you as much as  two-thirds the amount of energy. We know that you can’t cook everything in the microwave but if you can, definitely go that route. If you really have a hankering to bake up some cookies, try to wait until the sun goes down, it will make a big difference.


Be Smart About Appliances

Well, you can’t avoid the use of appliances entirely—those clothes won’t wash themselves. However, there are things you can do to get the most out of your appliances such as washing your clothes in cold water or hanging your clothes out to dry whenever possible. When washing your clothes, always do full loads of laundry and to help save energy in the kitchen, load your dishwasher as tightly as possible for fewer loads. Run automated appliances at night when it’s cooler to save yourself from the brink of heat exhaustion.


Keep Your Thermostat High

Thermostat_Hand_SmallKeep your home as warm as you can bear, 78 degrees is a great place to keep your thermostat at if you can. Instead of keeping the AC really low, you can also crack open some windows for that occasional breeze. If you’re not home, it’s always smart to just turn the AC off altogether in order to not waste any additional energy.


Keep Blinds Closed

Just the simple act of closing your blinds during the day will do a great deal in keeping your home cooler throughout the day. You can still open the windows, but closing blinds and keeping curtains closes will block out the sun from heating up your home and will help prevent the AC from kicking on as often. You can also purchase window shades from your local home improvement store for some additional sun blocking power.


Replace AC Filters

AirConditioning_ChangingFilter_SmallIf you have air conditioning, it’s a good idea to regularly replace the filters so that you know that it’s working at maximum efficiency. Dirty filters can block airflow which leads to the system running longer than it needs to. We recommend replacing the filters once a month or as needed.


Practicing these tips will not only save you money, it will help protect the environment as well. Who can say no to easy to practice tips that put money in your pocket and help protect the Earth as well? We sure can’t!

The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the view of TaskEasy.