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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

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Monday, Jun. 29th, 2015

Our Favorite Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

The 4th of July is just around the corner and that means now is the ideal time to start prepping for an outdoor event to celebrate the day with your friends, neighbors, and family members before heading out to enjoy some fireworks. TaskEasy will help with the hardest part— getting the lawn ready— and we’ll even give you 50% off your first mow when you order weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing. Go here to take advantage of this limited time 4th of July offer and then keep reading for our favorite tips on outdoor entertaining.


Use Fresh Flowers

PatioFurnitureIf you have flowers in your garden that can be cut, consider using some of them to create gorgeous flower arrangements for your picnic table. Adding fresh flowers and greenery to your tables will give your festivities an extra pop of color and fragrance.

Have Ample Seating

Not providing enough seating for your guests can lead to them being uncomfortable or awkwardness. If you don’t have enough lawn chairs, don’t worry, just lay out some blankets or pillows so that everyone has a comfortable place to relax. Having blankets strewn about your seating is also a great idea because it can get chilly once the sun starts to go down.

Provide Some Shade

If it’s a scorcher, your guests will appreciate some shade. If you don’t have enough trees in your space, set up a canopy or umbrella to provide some relief from the heat. IfPatioAwning you have a food table, it’s also smart to make sure it’s covered so that food won’t spoil quickly from exposure to the sun. Adding an awning to your patio or deck is also a great way to provide shade if you’re looking for a more long-term solution.

Avoid Midday Heat

Speaking of heat, avoid scheduling your event between the hours of 12-4pm; when temperatures are their highest. Instead, shoot for brunch, late afternoon, or night to avoid extreme temperatures so that your guests are as comfortable as possible.

Serve Food Buffet Style

Worrying about how you’re going to serve food to your guests can be time consuming and stressful. Instead, just make sure to have plenty of table room and lay out all of the food buffet style so that your guests can help themselves and eat when they feel like it. Potlucks are also a great way to get a wide variety of food and take some of the hassle out of prep time.

Have Coolers and Ice On Hand

icecoolerWhat is a celebration without cold beverages? You probably want to keep those drinks cold too. Make sure to have coolers filled with ice ready so that people can grab a cold drink throughout the course of the day. You may need to refill the ice at least once if it’s especially warm out.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Not everyone will remember to put on sunscreen and bug spray before heading out to your event but a good host can go the extra mile by having these on hand and readily available just in case. If you suffer from bugs in your area, grab a few citronella candles, they will repel bugs so that you don’t have to worry about your guests getting bitten.

Design a Playlist

Music is sure to liven up any event so why not make a playlist of your favorite hits? If you have a themed party, you can design your playlist around it. For example – If you’re theme is a beach party, it would be tragic to not include The Beach Boys.


We hope these tips help you throw a party that will knock everybody’s socks off. If you need help getting that yard ready, don’t forget to order now and get 50% off lawn mowing and then sit back and relax, because you deserve it.

The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the view of TaskEasy.