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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

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Thursday, Apr. 16th, 2015

Why You Should Leave Lawn Mowing to the Pros

When the inevitable time comes to mow your lawn, you might wonder what the benefits are to leaving the task to a professional rather than taking care of it yourself. We think there are several reasons why it’s best to let a professional take care of your yard and that’s why we do everything we can to make ordering professional lawn mowing an easy and hassle-free experience. Here are just a few reasons why we think you should leave the lawn to a professional.

Professional Experience
Professionals who mow lawns and do other yard maintenance for a living are typically filled with knowledge they’ve gained from years of experience and by handling a diverse group of lawns. They know everything from the best time to cut your lawn to the best type of fertilizer for your grass. Their knowledge can provide you with peace of mind in knowing you’re being taken care of by someone who knows what’s best for the health and appearance of your lawn.

Top-of-the-line Equipment 
If taking care of lawns is your living, chances are you are going to invest in some top notch equipment. The assurance that your lawn is being taken care of with first-rate equipment should be a priority if you want the best for your lawn. Lawn professionals will most likely have the equipment to take care of every facet of your yard whether it be mowing, edging, or fertilizing.

Cost Efficient
The belief that it’s cheaper to cut your lawn yourself is not always true. It’s technically not free to mow your lawn yourself for a couple reasons. First, you’ll need to buy the equipment to keep your lawn maintained and this can be costly when going for quality. The equipment alone could cost you upwards of a thousand dollars and that’s not including additional costs for routine maintenance. Second, your time is worth something, wouldn’t you say? Unlike an expensive lawn mower, time is a precious commodity and something you can’t purchase at the store. Make the most of it by spending it doing something you enjoy rather than wasting it on chores around the yard.

Saying you’re allergic to freshly cut grass to get out of mowing may have worked when you were a kid, but if you actually suffer from grass allergies, it can make the task of cutting your lawn a daunting one. You aren’t alone, grass allergies are a reality that affect a large percent of the population. When cutting the yard, a grass pollen allergy can bring you to a complete halt. You shouldn’t have to deal with itchy eyes and a runny nose just to get that yard looking beautiful, let someone help you!

You know what they say – “time is money.” The average person spends upwards of 3 hours of each week on yard maintenance. That’s 150 hours each year! TaskEasy can save you even more time by assigning a trusted contractor for you so that you don’t have to waste time calling around. The time you will save by not having to mow your lawn can be spent doing things that you typically don’t have time for. Maybe you have a hobby that you’d like to invest in more, or maybe you just want to spend more time with your family. Whatever the case, you’ll have more time at your disposal.

If you are more of the “do it yourself” type, we get it and we’ll continue to provide you with helpful tips to make the job even easier. If you prefer to have someone take care of the job for you, TaskEasy can provide you with your price within just 2 minutes! There are no contracts, our professionals are insured and dependable, and every job comes with a full satisfaction guarantee because your happiness is our number one concern.


The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the view of TaskEasy.