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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

Putting Your Property on the Market...

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Tuesday, Feb. 25th, 2014

TaskEasy Helps Dig Out the East

Shoveling Snow 2Imagine snow so deep you have to call the fire department for a ride to work. A real-life story for Alia of Maryland. She woke up Saturday morning to a foot of snow in her driveway and a trapped car. Her first call was to the fire department because Alia is a nurse and was able to hitch a ride on their truck. Her next call was to TaskEasy.

“I went out there and the snow was brick hard. So I was like there’s no way in this world.
I am gonna have to call out to these people,” Alia said.

TaskEasy assigned the job to Greg of Carpenter’s Contracting who showed up within a few hours. What he found was not only a foot of snow on the driveway, but the city had also dumped snow from the neighboring street onto Alia’s corner property. Alia had attempted to move her car and now had it stuck in an awkward position.

“Mr. Carpenter and his nephew were more than patient. They helped me get my car unstuck as well,” said Alia.

The storm systems that pounded the east coast the first two weeks of February dumped up to two feet of snow in parts of New England. Officials closed dozens of schools and cancelled over 6,000 flights. New Jersey stores sold out of de-icer. When a storm that big slams the country the call center gets slammed as well.

“We’ve never seen a storm of this magnitude before. Our call center was fully staffed. We had to pull other employees to help work the phones. We really depended on our contractors more than ever,” said supervisor Colby Shostead.

It’s contractors like Greg Carpenter that really pulled through. Once the worst of the storms were over, TaskEasy contractors had plowed approximately 1,400 driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks.

“We helped more people clear their snow during that period of time than probably any other single company ever,” said CEO Ken Davis. “These types of storms present huge opportunities, but of course big challenges for us. In particular we’re having to make sure we can deal with things that are out of our control, like an entire state running out of salt.”

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