6 Awesome Facts About Lawns

Written by TaskEasy
on September 10, 2015



You may not think that green stuff around your house is a big deal… but it is. Trust me.

As summer quickly comes to a close, I’m realizing that yards are just not getting the kind of respect they deserve. Maybe it’s because people have forgotten just how incredible their lawns are, or maybe it’s something entirely different. Either way, it’s time to buckle up, because I'm about to release upon you a killer list of 6 Reasons Why Your Lawn Is Better Than a Golden Castle Full of Crime Fighting Dogs.

#1. Lawns Are Money Makers

People are always talking about investing their money in things like gold, the stock market, and other random stuff. But do you want the truth? Can you handle the truth? Lawns are like the stock market on steroids! You can make a 100-1000% ROI (Return on Investment)  just by making sure your yard looks good. That’s like investing $1 to get back $100! Tell me you wouldn’t take that deal. If you don’t believe me, just check out this article by the Washington Post.  

#2. The Lawn Is Man’s REAL Best Friend

Have you ever heard the saying “a dog is man’s best friend”? Well that’s a lie. The truth is that the lawn is man’s best friend. Just think about it for a second, has your lawn ever:

  • Ran away?
  • Bitten you in the leg?
  • Pooped in the living room?
  • Barked all night long because there was a lighting storm?

Nope! Lawns don’t do any of that stuff, they're like the best friends of best friends! They’re so committed to you that even after you spend all summer stepping on them, they’re still like “you know what, I love you man."

#3. That Grass Around Your Home Makes You Royalty

That’s right, royalty. Back in the day having a lawn was a status symbol (still is). In the 1600's having a well manicured yard was popular among nobility. You know Frank down the street who has that beautiful lawn? Well he’s King Frank now and you should probably start bowing and kissing his hand when you run into him.

#4 If You Love Sports You Should Love Lawns

Football, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, ever heard of these? Of course you have! Well without the invention of the lawn do you think we’d have any of these awesome sports? Not a chance. So tell me, who’s the real MVP now?

#5. Lawn’s Fight Crime and Stress

Scientists from the University of Illinois used science to show how communities that have more parks have less crime (here’s the proof). And while you’re looking at that study, I should also point out that the more time people spend hanging out in those parks, the less stressed they’ll be. So having a park is like doing yoga and fighting crime at the same time. Can’t argue with science.

#6. Lawns Are Part of Your Childhood

Remember all those times you sat in the backyard and stared up at those big fluffy clouds which somehow always resembled rabbits and dinosaurs? I do too. Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent outside on the grass, playing games, hanging out with friends, or just day-dreaming. Those were the good old days.

There you have it folks! 6 incredible reasons why your lawn deserves a whole lot of respect and love. Seriously though, as the summer comes to an end and you feel the weather getting chilly with fall and winter just around the corner, consider taking a moment to give your lawn a big “thank you.” After all, it really has done a lot for you.


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