Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Written by TaskEasy
on May 26, 2015

Whether this is the first time you’ve mowed a lawn or the 50th, you can never be too careful. With sharp blades and heavy equipment, each year thousands of people are treated in the emergency room for lawn mower-related injuries. To avoid being a statistic, next time you start up the mower keep these safety tips in min.

Clear a Path

Before you start the mower, take a walk around the areas you are going to cut to make sure there aren’t any objects that could ruin the blades, or get chopped up and spit out. Look out for rocks, gardening tools, kid’s toys, uncoiled hoses and other objects.

A Well Maintained Lawn Mower is a Happy Lawn Mower

Regular maintenance for your mower can go a long way in making the chore of cutting the lawn an easy one. If it’s the first mow of the season, it’s a good idea to get it serviced to make sure everything is in working order. You’ll want to regularly remove any debris or grass clippings from the cutting unit, the engine and the muffler in order to prevent overheating or even fires. When removing any clippings or debris, use a tool, not your hands or feet. A stick or broom handle will work too.

Dress the Part

While it may be hot outside, shorts and flip flops are a no-go for lawn mowing. You’ll want to find a pair of long pants and shoes that cover your toes. Safety glasses aren’t a bad idea either. Even after a thorough inspection of your lawn, there might be an unexpected object that gets picked up in the blades and thrown back at you.

A Lawn Mower is Not a Toy

To a kid, a lawn mower can look like a pretty fun thing to play with, especially if it’s a riding mower. Make sure your kids know to stay away from running lawn mowers and if someone is mowing the lawn, to not play in the area. If you’re operating a riding lawn mower, don’t ever have your kids on your lap, on the back, or towed behind. If the kids are the ones doing the mowing, 12 and older can handle a push mower, while 16 and up can use a riding lawn mower.

Rules of Thumb

  • Don’t cut wet grass, it can clog up your mower deck
  • Save the adult beverages for when the work is done
  • Keep away from a hot engine, it will burn unprotected skin
  • New mower? Read the instruction manual before using
  • If the mower stops working, be sure the motor is off before inspecting
  • On slopes and hills, mow across with a push mower and up and down with a riding mower


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