The 5 Best Pests for Your Lawn

Written by TaskEasy
on May 19, 2015

Typically when we think about pests, the words “useful” and “necessary” don’t come to mind. Sure, there are some little critters that will eat through your gardens and grass, but pests are not always the enemy. There are some pests that will actually help your lawn to flourish. Encouraging the right types of bugs into your yard can also help with battling the wrong types. So before you pick up that bug spray, read on to learn about the 5 best pests for your lawn.


Ladybugs (Lady Beetles)

Ladybug, The 5 Best Pests for Your Lawn 

Okay, maybe none of us are truly scared of ladybugs and  some might  even call them cute, but they’re more than just  attractive lawn  decorations, they’re helpful too. Welcome  them into your yard and  they’ll feast on aphids (also known  as plant lice) and other pests that  tend to eat away at your  garden. Ladybugs don’t harm other good bugs  or plants, and should be a welcome addition to any yard.


Ground Beetles

Ground Beetle, The 5 Best Pests for Your Lawn

These brown and black shelled beetles will try to eat just about anything that moves, including: asparagus beetles, cabbage worms, cutworms, and slugs. This is a good thing because all of the aforementioned pests will eat through your plants resulting in an unsightly garden. Ground beetles like decaying plant matter, so attract them by using plenty of mulch in your garden. Note - don’t use pesticides, as this will kill them.


Lacewing, The 5 Best Pests for Your Lawn

Now this is a delicate winged predator you’ll want on your side. Lacewings are insatiable and can eat soft-bodied insects up to 20 times faster than the ladybug. In their larvae form, they can consume up to 200 aphids and other harmful pests in just a week. Attract lacewings with small, modest flowers as these contain more pollen than those of the ornamental variety.


Hoverflies (Flower Flies)

HoverFly, The 5 Best Pests for Your Lawn

These harmless insects are often mistaken for bees because of their similar, striped appearance. The easiest way to spot the difference is to watch the way they move; hoverflies tend to hover in one spot (hence their name). Their larvae will attack aphids and other harmful insects. A hoverfly larvae can eat 400 aphids before they reach adulthood. Attract these beneficial insects with pollen-rich flower and herbs.



Honeybee, The 5 Best Pests for Your Lawn 

These pollinators are absolutely essential in supporting  flowering plant life but sadly, their populations are  declining.  For this reason, honeybees should always be  welcomed into your  yard and not shooed away.  Honeybees love wildflowers,  flowering herbs, fruits,  and vegetables. Plant all of these and not  only will the  honeybees thank you, your plants will too. Note - if  you see your plants flower, leave the flower intact rather than  chopping them off so that the bees can successfully pollinate it.


As you can see, not all bugs are bad. There are several pests that can actually help your lawn and garden thrive. Welcome them into your yard and you’ll have a flourishing ecosystem that you can be proud of. You can read about the bad pests here. If you ever have any questions or concerns on which pests are good or bad, one of our many experienced contractors would be happy to assist you!


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