Top 10 Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

Written by TaskEasy
on May 15, 2015

At TaskEasy we take great pride in making the outside of your home look absolutely beautiful. We want you to have a lawn that you can be proud of. But what about the inside of your home? Keeping your home clean can be a tedious task, but since we’re all about making your life easier, we’re going to share our 10 favorite cleaning hacks with you.

Get Those Difficult Spots with Dryer Sheets

You may have thought that dryer sheets only existed to keep your clothes fresh, but they can do so much more. They are essentially little scrubbing machines. Dryer sheets can be used to buff out those stubborn water spots you see on mirrors and sinks. They can even get rid of unsightly toilet rings. And the best part- you don’t even have to worry about wasting new dryer sheets, used will work just fine.

Make Your Microwave Sparkle with Vinegar

Sometimes food gets crusted onto your microwave and cleaning it up can be a pain, to say the least. Here’s a simple solution: put equal amounts water and vinegar into a microwave safe bowl and place in microwave (adding a toothpick prevents water from boiling over), then heat the water for 5 minutes. This will steam clean your microwave and make wiping up the mess almost effortless.

Take Care of Burnt Pans with Vinegar

Vinegar comes in handy once again with this next hack. You know those burnt pots and pans  that you scrub and scrub to no avail? Simply fill the bottom of the pan with water and then add a cup of white vinegar before bringing to a boil. Take the pan off the stove and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Once the water has cooled enough, you should be able to scrub those burnt spots right off with a scouring pad.

Pick up Pet Hair With a Squeegee

If you have dogs or cats, you probably know how much of a hassle it can be to clean up the never-ending supply of pet hair. Sometimes just vacuuming it up doesn’t do the trick. Try sweeping your carpet and furniture with a rubber squeegee and we promise, you’ll be amazed by how much hair will come up.

Clean your Blender Without Scrubbing

Love that morning smoothie, but hate cleaning the blender afterwards? Here’s a quick fix for you. Fill your blender with warm water and a drop of dish soap (leave some room so it doesn’t overflow), and blend for about 10 seconds. Then dump out the water, rinse, and you’re good to go.

Clean Air Vents With a Butter Knife and Washcloth

We all know that air vents collect dust and they can be somewhat of a pain to clean, especially when it’s been awhile and the dust is caked on. To get rid of this stubborn grime, take a butter knife, wrap it with a washcloth that’s been wetted with your favorite cleaning solution, and you’ll have the perfect tool to get inside those vents.

Get Rid of Hard Water Stains with Grapefruit

Getting rid of hard water stains in your bathtub is as simple as cutting a grapefruit in half, sprinkling salt on one half of the grapefruit and a little more salt on the floor of your wet tub. Sounds strange, but scrubbing away at the salt with the grapefruit will work like a charm. The fact that it will smell amazing afterwards is just icing on the cake.

Clean Blinds With a Sock and Some Vinegar

Vinegar once again comes to the rescue for those times when you just need a quick fix. Blinds aren’t the easiest household item to clean, but you can make it a cinch by putting an old (clean) sock on your hand and dipping it into a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar, then just wipe in between the blinds.

Get Rid of Water Rings With a Blow Dryer

Whoops, someone forgot to use a coaster and now you’re stuck with a water ring on your beautiful wood furniture. Not to worry, just wet the spot, soak up excess moisture with a paper towel, and blow dry the damp spot until dry. Watch the water ring disappear right before your eyes.

Use Rubbing Alcohol On Your Microfiber Couch

Microfiber couches can look terrible when dirty and are not the easiest to clean. There’s a simple fix that requires only a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, and a clean white cloth. Fill your spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, spray your couch with a single layer, and wipe down with your cloth. The dirt will come right up, just make sure to let the couch dry before use. 

We hope these cleaning hacks give you more spare time to do those things in life that are simply just more fun than house cleaning. Enjoy!

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