The 6 Worst Things People Do to Their Lawn

Written by TaskEasy
on May 11, 2015

Here at TaskEasy, we like to tell you what’s good for your lawn because we want you to have a healthy and beautiful lawn that will make your neighbors turn heads. We’re taking a slightly different approach here — instead of telling you the best things you can do for your lawn, we’re going to tell you about the absolute worst things you can do so you know to avoid them at all costs.

1 - Overly Zealous Fertilizing 

Fertilizing is an absolute necessity for your yard, in  moderation.  If you use too much, you can actually  burn your lawn and create  spots of dead grass. As long  as you follow the package  instructions on how much  to use and how often, you shouldn’t  have to worry. We  also recommend looking into using an  organic  fertilizer if you aren’t already because it is less harsh on  your lawn. Check out this post on the pros and cons and organic  and chemical fertilizers.

2 - Cutting the Lawn While Wet

Mowing the lawn while wet is a big no no. Wet grass droops instead of standing up straight which can lead to an uneven cut. Wet grass is also sticky grass and mowing without letting it dry could result in sticky grass clumps everywhere. Mowing a wet lawn is not only bad for the lawn, it’s bad for you - wet grass is a huge safety hazard because you could potentially slip. Also, electronic equipment + water = disaster waiting to happen. Best to just let your lawn dry first.

3 - Not Sticking to a Mowing Schedule

Regular mowing is ideal for your lawn, weekly is best, but bi-weekly also works if your grass doesn’t grow quite as fast. Skipping lawn mowings may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to damage in the long run. This is because taller blades will start to block the sun and cause the blades beneath to become weak and sparse. This also creates an ideal breeding ground for weeds, which you definitely want to avoid. TaskEasy makes skipping lawn mowings a thing of the past with convenient weekly and bi-weekly schedules.

4 - Overwatering Your Grass

Water is a precious commodity and shouldn’t be wasted. By not overwatering, you are not only helping the planet, you are helping your lawn. Wet grass is more prone to lawn disease so watering too much increases the odds. You can also drown your grass roots by giving them too much water and not leaving enough room for oxygen. To alleviate some of the stress on your grass, try watering 1-2 times a week with a depth of ½ inch, more or less depending on the weather and rainfall.

5 - Bagging Your Grass Clippings 

Instead of bagging those grass clippings, mulch them! Your lawn will love  all of the additional nutrients that the mulch will provide. It essentially acts  as a natural fertilizer and the best part - it’s absolutely free. Plus, it saves  you time by not having to gather your bagged grass clippings and disposing  of them. You can read more about why you should mulch instead of bag  here.

6 - Not Keeping Your Blades Sharp

Mowing with dull blades will rip apart your grass instead of giving it a nice, clean cut. This makes the grass more susceptible to disease and can also give the appearance of whiter grass. Regularly sharpen your blades to ensure that your grass isn’t being torn apart with each mowing and you’ll have a healthier lawn that is ready to combat disease, heat, chemicals, and more.

We hope these “what not-to-dos” help keep your lawn in fighting shape. If you ever have any questions about what’s best for your lawn, one of our many trusted service experts is available to assist you.


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