Prune in Late Winter for Healthy Trees

Written by TaskEasy
on April 16, 2014

Yard care might not be at the top of your mind right now, but late winter is the ideal time of year to prune the trees in your yard. Not only is it easier to see the shape and structure of your tree when it doesn’t have any leaves, it’s also best to prune in the winter and take advantage of Spring growth.

Here are some steps to get you started:

Tip: Are you just trying to clear out some dead branches? Good news - you can remove dead growth any time of the year.

Figure out the reason for pruning your tree

The most common reason to prune trees is to help support their shape and structure, remove any branches that could be dangerous, and promote healthy growth. Pruning a large, thickly branched tree can also help other plants in the area, by giving them more access to sunshine.

Assess your tree

Find any dead branches that need to be removed, and be aware of any branches that might pose a hazard for pedestrians, power lines, or your house. Dead branches will be dry, brittle, and a different color than the rest of the tree. Identify the structure of your tree so you don’t take remove any important branches. Then, take a step back and figure out the ideal shape for your tree and the space it’s in.

Tip: Most trees don’t need to be pruned more than once a year - this gives them time to recover.

Trees prunedStart pruning 

If you can, start in the middle to remove any branches that are growing in toward the tree. Branches should ideally grow out from the center. Thin out any sections that are too thick with branches, but step back regularly and look at your progress to make sure you aren’t pruning too much. To keep your tree healthy, prune as little as possible - no more than 25% of the tree.

Don’t have the time or tools to prune your tree? Contact TaskEasy for a custom quote from a local contractor!


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