Becoming a Supermom is Easy with TaskEasy

Written by TaskEasy
on April 04, 2013

No one ever said that the supermom was built in a day – it takes a lot of time, patience and practice to becoming your child’s favorite superhero. Let us show you how TaskEasy can turn some of your biggest weaknesses into your biggest strengths.

While the life of the supermom may sound fantastic, getting there is half the battle. The first step to becoming a supermom is learning how to save time. This means planning alternate routes, grocery shopping once a week and cutting your housework in half. Did you know mothers spend nearly 18 hours a week on housework? Using TaskEasy to clean your home or mow your lawn can significantly cut down the time you spend each week on housework.

While mowing the lawn may be something you normally consider having done on the weekend. Allowing TaskEasy to mow your lawn will give you and your family the possibility of doing more exciting things outside like going to the park or being adventurous and going on a hike. Of course you could always stay in and make your children those yummy treats you saw on Pinterest.

TaskEasy can also help keep you organized; you can optimize your TaskEasy schedule to fit your own personal schedule, that’s how supermoms stay super! You can set up your house cleaning or lawn mowing to occur weekly, bi-weekly or just once if you prefer. And to save you the hassle of going home and checking on the services performed, TaskEasy will even send you photos of your home to ensure that it’s done right.

And because we care about the safety of your family, TaskEasy only sends out quality-certified TaskEasy contractors to your home. So you have the comfort knowing your family is in good hands.

Don’t let things like house cleaning and taking care of your yard get in the way of being an amazing mom, TaskEasy loves helping moms spend more time with their families. Because that’s what moms do best.

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