Mowing your Lawn from your Computer

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Written by TaskEasy
on April 30, 2012

Sure, we've all used contractor reviews from well known sites to find a services professional.  And many people have even done so to find a landscaper to mow their lawn.  However, TaskEasy, the latest in Software as a Service web startup companies, has taken hiring a services professional one step farther.

From the comfort of your living room sofa, with your laptop or iPad resting on your lap, you can now price and book lawn mowing services online.  No bidding required.  In fact, the system really only needs the answers to one question to determine your estimated price:  What is your address?

Using this single piece of information, TaskEasy computes your lot's size, subtracts the footprint of your home, and estimates the size of your lawn.

You can schedule your lawn to be mowed once, or you can also schedule regular weekly lawn mowing.

TaskEasy also locates a contractor for you, but even more importantly is that TaskEasy finds a contractor who is already mowing a lawn in your area so the contractor doesn't have to commute very far to get to your house once they're done with their previous job.  TaskEasy automatically offers discounts if you can get your neighbors to sign up because the contractor saves money on travel time between tasks.

Following up with your contractor is easy.  You can contact the contractor by text or email available from the TaskEasy customer dashboard, as well as task history (including photos of the completed work each week, the date and time the work was performed, and the amount of time it took to execute your task).

The customer has two days to approve the work--left alone the work is automatically approved and the contractor gets paid.  Otherwise, the contractor must remedy any customer complaints before receiving payment.

Another huge advantage to TaskEasy is that we are adding more services every day.  Plus, TaskEasy is a national service so you don't have to feel left out if you're not living in the heart of silicon valley, where many of the web based start-ups limit their offering.

TaskEasy is one-stop shopping for all household services.  Manage all of your regular tasks, keep track of warranties, find the best contractors, and most importantly price and schedule work on the spot so that you can check it off of your list once and for all, and Get Stuff DoneTM.

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