Completing An Approved Bid

Get Bid Approval Notification

If your bid has been approved, we will reach out to you by phone, email or text. These communications will always include the price that was approved, scope of work and the property address.

Schedule The Job

After you have been notified that your bid has been approved, a job will be placed on your schedule for the day you agreed to complete it, or 48 hours from the approval date if it was not provided in the proposal.

Check Task Description

Once the job has been scheduled, you should check the task description to see what work you were approved to complete and how many photos you will need.

Take Before Photos

Before starting the work, walk the property and take new before photos to show the current condition of the property.

Complete Full Scope of Work

Complete the scope of work approved by the customer.

Take After Photos

Make sure you document all of the great work you did by taking after photos. These will ensure you get paid fast and avoid you going back out to the property to take additional photos.

Wait For Quality Control to Review Your Work

Once the job is finished, we will review the photos, assess whether or not the scope of work was fully completed and approve or reject the job.

Get Paid

The best part about a bid approval is when it’s over and you’ve been paid. Check your financial reports in the online dashboard to see when payments will arrive.