For TaskEasy to transfer your earnings, you must enter your banking information in the online dashboard. Make sure you keep this information up to date so your deposits transfer without delay.  

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Things You'll Need Before Getting Started

Submitting Your Banking Information 

Verifying Your Account

Having Trouble Submitting Your Test Deposits?

Didn’t Receive Test Deposits?

Financial Documents 

Things You'll Need Before Getting Started

Your bank's 9-digit routing number

Routing numbers are usually on the lower left corner on personal checks or you can visit your financial institutions website if you don't have checks.

Your personal, 12 or 13-digit account number

If you do not have your account number, contact your financial institution and have them provide it to you.

Your Account Type 

It is important you choose the right type of account so we can send you the correct tax information at the end of the year. Personal accounts are typically associated with your Social Security Number and a company account is associated with your Tax Identification Number.

Submitting Your Banking Information

  1. Log into your online dashboard 

  2. Click on 'Account Info' and select 'TaskEasy Certification Wheel'

  3. Choose the 'Payment Information' section of your certification wheel 

  4. Enter your account and routing numbers in the appropriate boxes

  5. Select whether this account is personal or a company account

  6. Choose whether this is a checking or savings account

  7. Click "Save"

Verifying Your Account

Once you submit your banking information, we will send you two test deposits within 48 hours that range between $0.01 and $0.99 to confirm that you own the account and that your earnings are sent to the correct place. You will need to verify these two test deposits before we can start sending your payments. 

Verify your test deposits:

  1. Check your bank account for the two test deposits we sent you

  2. Log into your online dashboard

  3. Click on 'Account Info' and select 'TaskEasy Certification Wheel'

  4. Choose the 'Payment Information' section of your certification wheel 

  5. Enter the two test deposit amounts in the appropriate boxes 

  6. Click 'Verify Test Deposits'

If the verification was successful you will see, "thank you for verifying your banking information. You are now set up to make and receive payments."

Having Trouble Submitting Your Test Deposits?

If you experience any issues, make sure you are inserting the test deposits in the full dollar format (e.g $0.40) or try alternating the test deposits in box 1 and 2.

Didn't Receive Test Deposits?

If it has been more than 48 hours and you still have not received your test deposits, verify the banking information you submitted and make sure there were no typos and resubmit.

If you verified your banking info and everything is correct, contact your financial institution to see if they can see any pending charges from TaskEasy. 

If you have tried all of these methods and none of them have worked, resubmit your account information and follow all the steps from the beginning.

Financial Documents

As a TaskEasy contractor, we keep a detailed history of the tasks you complete and host all of your financial reports in your online dashboard. Our financial reporting allows you to see when payments were made, how many jobs were paid out, the status of your payments, and the total amount paid out.

View financial reporting  

  1. Log into the online dashboard 

  2. Click on 'Reporting' and choose 'Payment Details'

  3. Choose a date range for payments you want to track 

  4. Click on 'Payment Date' to view the task payout and payment status