TaskEasy contractor sanitizing a door knob TaskEasy contractor sanitizing a door knob

Sanitization Services

COVID-19 sanitizing services for vacant properties and federal and local government agencies on a national scale. Disinfection of residential, commercial and public places to ensure safety and healthy hygiene.

Sanitizing Services for Public Spaces

Nationwide Sanitizing of Public Areas

TaskEasy offers sanitization and cleaning services for public spaces on a nationwide scale to slow virus spread. Using our technology platform and independent contractor network in over 12,000 cities, TaskEasy cleans and sanitizes public spaces and surfaces such as benches, bicycle racks, entryways to public and private spaces, public transportation areas, payment kiosks, ATMs, and any surface that multiple people touch frequently.

Our screened and insured TaskEasy contractors can be dispatched in any city and state in a safe manner, using social distancing and no-contact guidelines.

Public Disinfection and Sanitization Services

Proper sanitizing is essential for preventing bacteria and viruses from spreading. Keeping public areas with high foot traffic thoroughly sanitized and cleaned can help prevent harmful transmission from person to person. TaskEasy contractors can effectively sanitize and clean any public place and disinfect any surface that is frequently touched by people.

Customizable Scope of Work

With TaskEasy you can customize your cleaning scope to designated locations at regular intervals, as well as request projects with a broader scope of work. Prior to the launch, TaskEasy will help shape the scope of work and all the requirements to ensure that work is completed to the highest standards.

Photo Verification

Each project and work completion is accompanied by before and in-action photos to ensure work completion. We use geo-stamped photos to provide you with proof-of-job-completion. TaskEasy can also produce a heat map showing all of the sanitized locations on a local, state or federal level. This kind of visible display of deployed effort could be used in agency communications to demonstrate direct action on a wide scale.

No-Contact Ordering & Management

TaskEasy offers a turn-key, “all virtualized” approach to mobilize an insured network of 15,000+ independent contractor entities across all 50 states in a very cost-effective manner to help the country. Beyond just sanitization, any task doable by landscaping contractors can be deployed quickly, including bulky item transport with landscaping trailers.

TaskEasy is committed to taking active steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Workers in the TaskEasy network of independent contractors across the U.S. are committed to safety guidelines advised by CDC and national agencies. The contractors work individually or in teams of two or three, with minimal or no interaction with other people in the course of their work.