Is it Time to Adjust Your Sprinklers?

Written by Colby Shosted
on June 26, 2015

When was the last time you had your sprinklers adjusted? If it’s been more than a year than you may want to consider having them properly calibrated – sprinklers should be tested, tuned-up and adjusted at the beginning of each season to avoid water waste and damage to your home.

If you haven’t already adjusted your sprinklers this season don’t worry, you still have plenty of time. We recommend turning your system on and observing each sprinkler’s distance and pattern. If you notice any broken sprinkler heads or abnormal spraying, contact your TaskEasy contractor. It’s best to leave your system in the hands of a professional rather than trying to fix it yourself.

Leave it to the Pros

Adjusting your sprinklers can be more complicated than just turning a couple of heads. It takes a lot of experience and know-how in order to get your system running efficiently – as each sprinkler head needs to be carefully observed, monitored and adjusted to ensure they are all performing properly.GettyImages-674720424

Avoid Spraying Your Home

Aside from calcium and lime build up on your windows, spraying your home can quickly lead to a laundry list of expensive problems. Overtime, water can slowly work its way and absorb into crack and crevices, potentially causing damage to your interior walls.

If you think your home has been overexposed to water, ask your contractor to check around windows and other open areas around your home for moist entry points. If detected early, adjustments made by your contractor should prevent any future issues.


One of the things your contractor should be looking out for when testing and observing your sprinkler system is to check your lawn for over watered areas. Overwatering your lawn can lead to a shallow root system and could potentially cause your lawn to become dormant and die.

Overwatering typically occurs when sprinklers are left on too long. Talk to your contractor about gradually adjusting your system’s watering times to determine which time is best for your lawn.

Fix Broken Heads Pronto

Postponing a broken sprinkler head can lead to water waste and can be a contributor to other disastrous problems. It’s important that you are well acquainted with your sprinkler system and its layout so you can quickly determine when something is wrong. To prevent broken sprinkler heads, avoid driving or placing heavy items on your lawn.

To help reduce water waste and to prevent other problems associated with sprinkler systems, order Premium Lawn Mowing from TaskEasy which includes routine maintenance to sprinklers.


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