Why Taking Photos is Essential for Lawn Care Businesses

Written by Adrian Raso
on March 06, 2020

If you’re a TaskEasy contractor or you work in the lawn care industry, you may have noticed taking before and after photos of every job has become a common ask from customers. With people owning multiple properties across state lines, your photos are invaluable to them. However, what most people don't talk about, is how important taking photos are for you as a landscape business owner.

Why Are Before and After Photos Important For My Lawn Care Business?

Job Protection

Before and after photos acts as proof that the work was completed. Uploading quality before and after photos on every job shows the exact scope of work completed and is evidence that job expectations were met. Nobody wants to be accused of shorting a customer on work but before and after photos will back your word if such a situation ever comes up.

Getting Paid Fast and on Time

One thing that differentiates TaskEasy, and a big reason why customers choose TaskEasy over anyone else are our before and after photos. That being said, TaskEasy requires  before and after photos for every job in order to pay a contractor for work performed. Without these photos, it can be difficult to confirm the work was actually completed. The few minutes it takes to take before and after photos is well worth the time because you work hard and should be paid for every job.

What Makes for a Quality Photo?

The quality of your before and after photos is important because it helps to have a clear, precise image to get an accurate portrayal of the work done. If your pictures are blurry, or the entire scope of work isn’t captured, the before and after photos may not be adequate proof of work completed.

Camera Tips:

Hold your phone as still as possible and allow your camera to focus before taking the picture. This will prevent your photos from turning out blurry. Also, make sure to give yourself enough distance so that your photos aren’t too close up. It’s better to back up and zoom in rather than stand too close and not get the full picture.

Camera Angles:

Getting a picture of multiple angles is a must because it shows all of the work and not just bits and pieces. The TaskEasy contractor app guides you through which angles are needed for your convenience (feel free to use this template for your lawn care business). You can also get a closer look of the required angles below:


Examples of Good Before and After Photos

In this before shot, you have a clear scope of the front yard.
GoodB&A1 GoodB&A2

In this after shot, you can clearly see work done in the front yard.

Examples of Bad Before and After Photos

These photos were both taken too close without focus, resulting in blurry photos. badb&a3 badb&a6
These photos barely capture any lawn and are far too close up to show scope of work.

We hope this post has given you some insight as to why before and after photos are important and how to take the best pictures possible. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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