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Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2016

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Monday, May. 4th, 2015

Why You Should Ditch the Bag and Start Mulching Your Grass Clippings

Ever since self-bagging lawn mowers were invented, people have been told to bag their clippings. When lawn mowers first came about, they were designed to cut the grass and to redistribute natural occurring nutrients back into your lawn — thus resulting in a more luxurious and healthy lawn. In today’s world, most of us have the option of choosing to bag or mulch our clippings, let us tell you why you should choose mulching over bagging every time.

This orthodox process of providing lawns with nutrients is known as mulching; cycling freshly cut grass through the use of a lawn mower with the intended purpose to provide sustenance. Done correctly, mulching can nourish your lawn without the added costs of having to purchase and distribute fertilizer.

Nature’s Fertilizer


There’s a reason why most people who bag typically compile their clippings in a compost. Mixed with other organic nutrients, a compost can turn your clippings into fertilizer to then be used in your flower beds, or throughout your yard. However, composts can be a lot of extra work and typically require a designated spot in your yard.

Not only does mulching provide your lawn with some of the same benefits as a compost, but it can also be a much faster alternative to bagging. Think of all the times you’ve bagged your grass clippings; stopping the mower, detaching the bag, disposing the clippings. All this repetitive work can be quite exhausting. Mulching can dramatically cut the time spent mowing your lawn to nearly half.

“Sounds great, but what about the messy grass clumps?”

When mulching, if you find that your mower is leaving behind large clumps of grass, turn off your mower and adjust your blade height. Grass clippings should be one inch or less in height.  If you are continuing to experience a trail of grass clumps, attach your bag and proceed mowing. You can always distribute your clippings with a lawn rake once you have finished mowing.

TaskEasy mulching

Keep Your Blades Sharp

The key to mulching is a good lawn mower. Ensuring that your blades are sharp will help your mower cut each blade of grass into finer, more lightweight blades of grass. Allowing each blade to blend in and mix with your lawn is an important part of what makes mulching work.

Talk to your TaskEasy contractor today for more information about how you can ditch the bag and switch to mulching.


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  1. I just purhased a new mower and want to start mulching
    my lawn and see if it improves.

    June 1, 2016