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What is TaskEasy?

TaskEasy gives you ready-to-service jobs, already ordered and paid for by home owners and property managers in your area.

Lawn Mowing
Fall Cleanup
House Cleaning
Pool Cleaning

Complete jobs while on the go

The TaskEasy contractor app is required for managing your schedule and uploading before and after photos while on the job. Available for Android and iOS devices.

Let us do the marketing

TaskEasy takes care of marketing for you so you can focus on the job at hand. We'll bring the customers to you so you never have to worry about dealing with another lead or bidding on jobs again.

Make more money

TaskEasy provides you with useful tools to schedule customers, collect payments, and much more. Did we mention you don't have to hassle with bidding jobs either? This means more time for jobs and more money in your pocket.

No insurance? We can help!

TaskEasy gives each contractor the option of purchasing their own General Liability insurance policy or to use TaskEasy's for as low as $2.10 per task. General Liability insurance policies must cover $1M per occurance. Accidental Occupational insurance is also available to contractors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a lead generation service?

No. The customers you get from TaskEasy are real customers who have already paid for their services, based on industry-standard pricing.

Do I have to have a smartphone?

Yes. We require all of our contractors to have a smartphone in order to mark their jobs complete and to provide customers with before and after photos.

How much does TaskEasy cost?

TaskEasy helps you manage bidding, marketing, sales, scheduling, communication, billing and collections without any upfront cost. TaskEasy subtracts a small fee from the total cost for each task you perform - you only pay for TaskEasy when you make money and before you accept a task you know exactly how much you'll get paid.

How do I get paid?

When you set up electronic payments with TaskEasy, payments will be deposited to your bank account 3-5 days after work is performed.

Grow your business!

Whether this is your 1st year in business or your 25th, we're excited to see you grow your business. We need contractors of every skill level and size to service our wide variety of customers - from homeowners to property managers to single family home aggregators and more!

Since partnering with TaskEasy, it's freed up more of my time to focus on my customer's needs, grow my business and spend more time with my family. It's been fantastic.

- Michael Richings
Owner, Raleigh Errands and Chores

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