How Snow Removal Works

  1. TaskEasy uses state-of-the-art weather forecasting to predict snowfall in your area. When we forecast 2 or more inches of snowfall, TaskEasy will automatically add a job to your schedule for properties you agreed to service prior to the storm

  2. When 2 or more inches of snow accumulate, you will have 24 hours after the snow storm to clear the property of snow

  3. Pricing for services is based on the size of the areas cleared, depth of snow and whether or not deicer was applied

  4. Take before and after photos to verify completion of work

Snow Removal Scope Of Work

Clear Driveways, Sidewalks, And Walkways Of Snow

Never block driveways, sidewalks or mailboxes with snow as this will result in immediate rejection of work

Clear Steps And Porches Leading To The Front Door

Includes clearing snow from the steps and porch to prevent slips and falls

Apply Deicer

Apply deicer to areas that have high traffic and are prone to icy conditions. Use your best judgment in determining the correct product to apply based on the client’s needs 

Photo Requirements


Tips For Taking Photos

Use a Measurement Tools to Show Depth of Snow

To take accurate measurement photos we require a measurement tool to show depth. Measurement photos should only be taken on sidewalks, driveways, and walkways

Take Photos Showing Deicer Was Applied

When applying deicer, be sure to provide us with a photo to show it was applied. We suggest using colored deicer or taking an action photo of you or your crew putting it down

Use Your Truck Lights to Take Pictures in the Dark

Because it gets dark earlier during the winter, be sure that your photos have sufficient light to see that the work was completed. If you are in the field and happen to run out of light, we suggest using your truck lights to get the right images

Timeline To Complete A Snow Removal Job

Our contractors have 24 hours from the last snowfall to clear the snow from the property.  We wait until the last snowfall to avoid snow accumulating while the job is being completed and it guarantees that the snow will be cleared until the next storm. Completing the job while it is still snowing will result in the job being rejected

What To Do If A Job Is On Your Schedule And There Is Little Or No Snow

  1. Go into the contractor app and click on the job you want to skip

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the job and click on, “Skip Task”

  3. In the comment field type: “Not enough snow…’’ or “No snowfall…” when there isn’t any snow