We put together this quick reference guide to help answer any questions you might have about Route Optimization.  Bookmark this page for easy access!

    Quick Reminders:

    • Market Route Optimization currently covers only lawnmowing and desertscape tasks.
    • (Frito-Lay and Circle K properties are not part of Market Route Optimization)

    For all Lawnmowing & Desertscaping jobs in Market Route Optimization:

    • Jobs need to be done on the day they are scheduled - not early, not late.
    • Jobs are not able to be rescheduled.
    • Can’t get a job done on the day scheduled? Simply call us and let us know why - we’ll remove the job the next day and make sure it gets done.


    • Continue to call in about bids for overgrowth - we’ll make sure we “lock” in that job for you.

    For All Other Task Types ( mulch installation, leaf cleanup etc.)

    • Every other task type besides lawn mowing and desertscapes will not be route optimized and will remain on your schedule. 
    • It's important to get these custom tasks done on time and communicate with any issues you may have.


    • If there are available routes in your area, you will receive a route from TaskEasy 2 days prior to it needing to be completed. For example, on Tues you will see Thursday’s route and on Wednesday, you will see Friday's. 

    Why do I still see jobs on my schedule for next week?

    • Due to the way our system is set up currently, you may see future jobs on your schedule; however, any lawnmowing or desertscape jobs will be removed as we get closer to that date.