Quick Reminders:

    • Market Route Optimization currently covers only lawnmowing and desertscape tasks.
    • (Frito-Lay and Circle K properties are not part of Market Route Optimization)

    For all Lawnmowing & Desertscaping jobs in Market Route Optimization:

    • Jobs need to be done on the day they are scheduled - not early, not late.
    • Jobs are not able to be rescheduled.
    • Can’t get a job done on the day scheduled? Don't worry, we’ll remove the job the next day and make sure it gets done.


    • Continue to call in about bids for overgrowth - we’ll make sure we “lock” in that job for you.

    For All Other Task Types ( mulch installation, leaf cleanup, etc.)

    • Every other task type besides lawn mowing and desert scapes will not be route optimized and will remain on your schedule. 
    • This includes custom tasks.
    • It's important to get these custom tasks done on time and communicate with any issues you may have.


    • If there are available routes in your area, you will receive a route from TaskEasy 2 days prior to it needing to be completed. For example, on Tues you will see Thursday’s route, and on Wednesday, you will see Friday's. 


      Jobs completed too soon may be rejected and will be unable to be paid out. 

    Why do I still see jobs on my schedule for next week?

    • Due to the way our system is set up currently, you may see future jobs on your schedule; however, any lawnmowing or desert-scape jobs will be removed as we get closer to that date.