You may encounter a tenant or resident asking you to refrain from performing a job or requesting that you leave the property. We will cover how to interact with a resident at a property and what to do if a resident disputes or refuses service. 

Interacting With Residents

If you see a resident at a property you are servicing, you should politely introduce yourself and let them know you are here on behalf of TaskEasy. This will give the resident an idea of what you will be doing on their property and mitigate potential conflicts from arising. 

Resident Refusing Service

If during the interaction the resident asks that you leave their property or refuses service, do not contest their request and contact TaskEasy about the situation. 

It is important to remember that for your safety, NEVER engage in an argument, dispute, or altercation (verbal or physical) at any time. If you feel like you are in immediate danger, contact the local authorities and report back to us when possible.

After receiving your information about the situation, we will contact the resident to resolve the issue on your behalf.