A bid is a detailed proposal that includes how much something will cost to complete, how long it will take to complete and when it can be completed. At TaskEasy, we require bids to be submitted for custom work to ensure the price of the task is correct and the scope of work meets the requirements of the customer. In this article, you will learn when to provide a bid, how to provide a bid and common bid rejections. 

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When To Provide A Bid 

How To Provide A Bid 

Common Bid Rejections 

Good Examples Of A Bid Proposal

Bad Examples Of A Bid Proposal

When To Provide A Bid

Customer Request 

A majority of bids you will be asked to provide will be directly from the customer. In many cases, they are looking for something specific to be completed and they want a breakdown of what it would cost.

Contractor Request

Sometimes when you are at a property, you will notice that something is broken or could use work that is outside of your recurring lawn mowing duties. If you think it could provide value to the home, take photos of what needs work and provide a bid for the customer to review.  

How To Provide A Bid

Visit the Property

For every bid you provide, you will need to visit the property in a timely manner and take photos to show what work needs to be completed.

Check the Task Description

The task description will provide details on what work needs to be bid on. You can find this information in the TaskEasy for Contractor App by going to your schedule and clicking on the appropriate task. The task description will be at the top. 

Take Photos

Once you have arrived at the property and have checked what work needs to be bid on, you can start documenting your findings by taking photos and uploading them to the task. Be sure to take photos of everything you are bidding on to give the customer a clear vision of what work will be completed.

Provide Itemized Bid Breakdown  

The most important part of providing a bid is to be as specific as possible with what work will be completed. If there are multiple items that need a bid, you should breakdown the labor, materials needed, and dump fee for each specific item. Bids that are not itemized will not be reviewed or accepted.

Include a Timeline of Completion

When providing a bid, it is important that you include a preferred date of completion and how long you think the task will take to complete. If you do not provide this information in the bid, you will have 48 hours from the approval date to complete before the jobs gets removed from your schedule and placed with another contractor. 

Email Full Bid Proposal

After you have completed all of the steps above, you will send your final bid proposal to bids@taskeasy.com. Be sure to send this from your email and include the property address in the subject line.  You do not need to include photos in the email – photos should only be taken and uploaded through the app. 

Wait for Bid Approval

Once you have submitted your bid proposal we will review it, provide feedback if necessary and forward it to the customer. We aim for a 48 hour turnaround time, but the approval process can last longer.

Common Bid Rejections

Price Is Too High

This is the main reason bids get rejected by our customers. If the price does not meet the market standards and there isn’t enough justification in your bid proposal, your bid will get rejected. You can prevent this from happening by including labor cost, material cost, dump fee and as much detail as possible for what will be completed.  

Photos Do Not Support Bid

Photos show the customer what condition the property is in and gives them an idea of what to expect. Without proper documentation, your bid will likely be rejected

Items Left Out Of Bid

Leaving an item out of a bid is a simple mistake, but can cost you a trip back to the property or a complete rejection of your bid. Be sure to include photos and breakdowns for everything requested by the customer to avoid it being rejected.

Insufficient Bid Breakdown

More often than not a bid is rejected because there is little information or breakdown as to what will be completed. Be as specific as possible in your bid and never leave room for the customer to interpret your actions. Lay it out in front of them in a compelling manner and let them know why they need this service completed.

Good Examples Of A Bid Proposal

Good Email@2x

Bad Example Of A Bid Proposal

Bad Email@2x