There will be times when you show up to complete your regularly scheduled lawn mowing task and there is little or no work that needs to be completed on the property. This is not a common occurrence but can happen when there is not enough grass growth or the work was completed before you arrived. In any situation, if you arrive at a property and there is little or no work, follow these simple steps.

Take Before Photos

If you arrive at a property that needs little to no work, take photos to document the condition of the property and upload them to the TaskEasy for Contractors App.  

When taking before photos, it is important that you follow the photo sets within the task to make sure you are capturing the entire property. This will give the customer and TaskEasy the full condition of the property and prevent you from going back out to take more photos. 

Assess Property

As you are uploading before photos, be thinking of ways you can add curb appeal to the property that is not included in your regular scope of work. This could be something as simple as removing landscape debris from the property, trimming small trees, or trimming bushes if it is not already included in the scope of work. 

If there is nothing you can do to add curb appeal, simply report the issue in the app by going into the task and selecting 'Problems With This Property'. 

Suggest Curb Appeal Improvements

If there are things you can do outside of your regular scope of work that can add curb appeal, suggest it to a TaskEasy advocate by calling (800) 518-4461.  

The TaskEasy Advocate will review the before photos you submitted and will either approve you to complete additional work or reschedule the job for a future date if nothing needs to be done. 

If your proposal was approved, don't forget to take all of the after photos showing the additional work you completed. This will help get you paid faster and prevent going back out to the property to take photos.