When Leaves are Covering a Property

    If you run into a property on your schedule where leaves are stopping you from servicing all or a part of the property - check the subtasks in the app for that property.  You will see one of two subtasks.

    Call for Leaves

    Leaf App Not Pre Approved Details Simply give us a call letting us know that leaves are covering the property and stopping you from servicing all or part of the property.  We’ll give you specific instructions for that property.

    This may mean we ask you to skip the property for the time being while we work on getting approval for additional funds.


    Leaf App Pre Approved DetailsPre-Approved Leaf Cleanup

    No call needed, you are approved to clear the leaves from the property and haul them away. 

    We will add the appropriate amount of additional funds based on the amount of leaves and size of the yard when we review the photos

    Important Reminders for Leaf Cleanup & Removal

    Whenever you are cleaning up leaves at a TaskEasy property, please keep the following in mind:

    • Leaves always need to be gathered and hauled off the property
    • You must include at least 1 photo showing that leaves were removed from the property.  Failure to do so may mean you will not be paid for leaf removal


    Payout for Leaf Cleanup & Removal

    Additional funds are added to jobs as we review photos of the work and are based on the amount of leaves removed from the property as well as the area of the lawn from which leaves were removed.

    The below payout amounts are approximate only and may vary by region and property.

    Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 4.29.19 PM