When Leaves are Covering a Property

    This season, when you encounter a property on your schedule with fallen leaves, you'll have two service options. Use your discretion to decide if you can efficiently mulch the leaves or if a bid is necessary for cleanup. If a bid is required, please contact TaskEasy directly or send an email to bids@taskeasy.com, specifying the bid amount based on the number of 30-gallon bags needed for cleanup. Please note that any submitted bids must receive approval before servicing the property. Failure to wait for approval will result in non-payment for the task.

    Mulching Leaves

    Mulch leaves when possible or when there are not enough leaves to justify a bid.

    • There will be no additional payment for mulching leaves. 
    • You may mulch leaves as well as provide a bid for leaf removal in other areas i.e. flowerbeds, planters, or other parts of the yard. In these cases complete as much work as possible and submit all photos to receive payment for the original task. 
    • Tasks will not be rejected for mulch debris left on the grass.
    • Continue to ensure all hardscapes are free from grass and leaf debris. Tasks with photos showing debris left on hardscapes will be rejected and a second-chance job will be created. 

    Mulching-Leaves     leaf blower                                    


    Bids for leaf cleanup

    When a bid for leaf cleanup is required please keep the following in mind: 

    • Bids for leaf cleanup will be based on how many 30-gallon bags will be required for cleanup, please include this number when submitting a bid. 
    • Bids MUST be approved before starting service at a property. Failure to wait for approval will result in non-payment for the task. 
    • Once a bid has been approved for removal, leaves must be gathered and hauled off the property.
    • At least 1 photo showing that leaves were removed from the property is required.  Failure to include this photo will result in a rejection and potentially non-payment for the task if photos cannot be provided.
    • The in-app additional funds feature cannot be used for leaves. Funds will be removed if added to a task for leaf cleanup.