Gutter Clearing

         Gutter Clearing is a service that cleans gutters of leaves and debris to help prevent damage to landscaping and siding and to head off expensive water damage repairs. Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year, but they may need to be cleared more often if the property has overhanging trees or after big storms.

    Scope Of Work


    • Remove and dispose of debris (branches, leaves, sediment, etc.) from all gutters attached to home. 
    • Remove all associated debris from the property
    • Test each downspout to ensure that it is clear of debris. If a downspout is blocked, snake it clear or flush it with a garden hose. You may need to disassemble the elbow and unclog the blockage if necessary.
    • If disassembly is necessary, please put the gutter system back together before taking your after photos or leaving the job site. 

    Equipment Needed 

    • Ladder
    • Garden Hose
    • Snake
    • Garbage Receptacle

    Don't Forget!!

    • Take action photos to show gutters have been fully cleared and downspouts are clear of debris
    • Fully complete the survey in the app
    • Report any damages seen upon arrival or caused during service




    Cleaning Gutter Downspouts

    In order to approve these task types, it is necessary to show that the downspout is clear of debris

    • Show water running through the downspout
    • No water available? Use a snake and provide an action photo
    • Debris needs to be fully removed from the property and photos should show that the gutters and downspouts are fully cleared          
      1-Story-B-Elbow  Downspout-Installation  Gutter-Rev-Splash-1 (1)